At Cantifix, we never sell out of the box. To produce exciting and economical results, every project is accompanied by a full, interactive design service. Because we believe that’s the best way to realise your vision.


Two chairs on a patio, seen from a kitchen indoors through a sky frame glass door

Sky-Frame turns your home into a horizon. Transform your property into a timeless space with these stunning glass sliding doors. Combining precision Swiss engineering, minimalist beauty, and custom designed to suit your exact needs, Sky-Frame sliding doors invite the world beyond inside with an entirely uninterrupted view.

Inspired by the Bauhaus Art School vision of ‘free-flowing space’, these glass sliding doors unify interiors and exteriors alike. From adding style to an urban apartment in a bustling city or bringing stylish elegance to a relaxed rural home, we offer unparalleled quality and service.

Whether you’re a homeowner or an architect, we can work with you at any stage of the design process, from conceptual design to installation.

Practicality, security and luxury: Sky-Frame elevates your property.

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glass wall.

Natural light makes us feel better. It boosts wellbeing, productivity and cognition, and has been shown to reduce stress. But we spend so much of our modern lives indoors, it can be difficult to get the sunlight we need. A Cantifix glass wall solves this.

With minimal detailing, and free from obstructive framework, our structural glass walls invite the natural world into your home, while still providing all the security, comfort and safety you need. Ecologically and economically beneficial, a Cantifix glass wall reconnects you with the natural world in luxurious style.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced architect with a clear design and solution in mind, or a visionary homeowner looking to add the luxurious benefits of a glass wall to your property, we can turn your property into a paradise.

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glass roof.

Cantifix are proud to offer a range of glass solutions that are not only expertly designed and installed, but utterly luxurious and aspirational. One of the most effective and popular ways to make your home unforgettable is with a glass roof.


Natural light cascades into your property, combined with the more practical benefits of reducing electricity costs. The gentle warmth of the sun emanates from above, ensuring your interior retains a comfortable ambient temperature. Workspaces, kitchens and other living areas are transformed, helping your home or property achieve a timeless quality.

We offer both fixed and opening glazing systems that keep your home ventilated with a soft breeze on those hot sunny days.

A Cantifix glass roof is a window to a life of luxury.

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glass floor.

While all of our glass solutions are exceptional, few of them better exhibit the spirit of innovation Cantifix is famous for than our structural glass floors. Our glass floors are one of our most versatile products, and are a perfect home feature for those with a taste for the outstanding, and a keen eye for functionality.

Whatever your reason for choosing a structural glass floor, Cantifix can and will accommodate you. We will work with you at every stage of the process; it doesn’t matter if you want a small simple floor panel to add elegance to a living room, or an opening glass floor design to transform the entrance to a basement or other space. We will listen, and we will create for you a personal, innovative design.

It’s hard to put into words just how effective our glass floor designs are. The options for customisation are endless, and the resulting impact for your property is immeasurable; they can provide your home with ventilation, flood spaces below with natural light, and provide insulation - all while adding an inimitable aesthetic quality.

Always unique. Always spectacular. A structural glass floor by Cantifix is one of the most effective ways to transform your home in luxury style.

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glass link.

At Cantifix, one of our particular specialities is installing a glazed link between buildings. These visually stunning glass solutions are some of our most innovative and effective designs, seamlessly linking two structures in an unobtrusive and elegant fashion. They’re ideal for historical as well as modern buildings, and can highlight the aesthetic integrity of a structure - or completely transform it.

A glazed link between buildings is hugely versatile: they can shelter visitors and inhabitants from the elements as they travel between interiors, or they can link living spaces in seamless luxury, all the while adding an exquisite visual appeal to the exterior spaces. They’re also entirely habitable spaces in their own right, providing warmth and comfort, and all the benefits of an all-glass indoor space - natural light floods in, boosting well-being, and even improving circadian rhythms.

A Cantifix glazed link is an endlessly versatile installation. They can bring the past, present, and future together in design, creating a practical as well as visually stunning space. They can protect and highlight the finest historical buildings, bring together luxury home interiors, or seamlessly combine modern structures.

From Edwardian Manor houses to luxury city apartments, a glass link can provide a link between time, a link between tradition and modernity, and a link between your design vision and reality.

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glass extension.

Our clients regularly choose us because we understand their desire to make their home absolutely exceptional, and few things can transform a property more effectively than contemporary glass extensions.

Your home is a unique space. It’s the place where you live, work, eat, and build the memories that you and your loved ones will cherish for years to come. With a Cantifix glass extension, you’re not just adding more space to your home in luxury style - you’re adding potential to your property. The potential for experience, for wellbeing, for financial value, and for a home that is itself an extension of your style and taste.

The benefits of a glass extension are countless. Constructed from any number of our bespoke products, a structural glass extension is one of the best ways to experience the positive effects of natural light on your wellbeing. Contemporary glass extensions can be used as extended living areas, quiet spaces for focussed work or relaxation, or as the perfect environment to entertain guests.

The endless customisability of these luxury modern constructions means that their uses are limited only by your imagination and aspirations. From opening walls made from sliding glass doors, to retracting skylights that turn your space into a courtyard, no plan is too elaborate.

Whatever your vision for your home, be it a frameless glass extension or a bright and airy office space, Cantifix can make it a reality. Whether you’re a homeowner, an architect, or a designer, we appreciate that your property is more than just a building - it’s an extension of who you are. With a structural glass extension, we can help turn your home into a horizon.

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glass technology.

Every day, advances in nanotechnology are bringing new glazing products to the market.

The choice is now greater than ever – which means that our customers need expert advice to secure the latest and best technologies for their projects. These will mostly fall into three categories:

COMFORT: to ensure the space behind it consistently remains at a comfortable temperature, yourglazing will almost always require innovative insulation (measured by u-value) and protection against solar radiation (measured by g-value).

FEATUREtoday, traditional flat, transparent panes have evolved into translucent, tinted, and even textured glazing. Whether its purpose is aesthetic, practical, or for added privacy, we can help you consider which specialist product is best for your project.

STRENGTHWith huge advances in engineering, the number of applications for glass is now huge. Toughening, heat-soaking, heat-strengthening and laminating can be combined with different glass thicknesses to create almost anything you can dream of.

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