glass link.

Designing, building and installing glass links between buildings is a speciality at Cantifix. Often, they are simply sensitively-designed architectural features, but glass links can also be habitable spaces in their own right. 

If you are undertaking work on an old building, there are occasions when planning requirements dictate the design. This is especially true if the building is of historical interest and you want to extend, where a glass link is the most sympathetic way of integrating the new with the old.

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A glass link could be a stylish way of separating two new spaces and defining the differences of use. You could have a space for living and a space for working in the same building, with the glass link physically describing the change of function.

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atrium inside.

An atrium is usually a courtyard open to the sky, either within a building footprint or on the outside. With space at a premium we are often asked to glaze in these areas, to create a space that has all the attributes of an atrium, but without the problems caused by the weather.

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