comfort insulation.

Glazing isn’t a purely aesthetic element to a property; it also has to be practical. Almost all glazing solutions will need some kind of insulation, designed to help reduce heat loss whilst ensuring a space remains at a consistent temperature. At Cantifix we take great pride in making sure our products suit your needs, and our elegant and innovative designs mean you won’t have to sacrifice the comfort of your home.

Whether it’s a single insulated glass panel, or an elaborate glazed extension, we offer a range of solutions - from films and coatings to triple-glazing - to ensure your interior spaces feel as good as they look. The days of icy windows and cold extensions are over, and our insulated glass panels and products mean that whatever your visions for your property, we can help you achieve them in total comfort. 

product details

  • Films, coatings and cavities can be applied to create insulated glass panels
  • Double and triple-glazed units can now have u-values as low as 0.32W/m2k (an exceptional level)
  • Insulated glass from Cantifix is now almost as efficient as insulated cavity walls
  • Cantifix solutions employ insulation (measured in u-value) and solar radiation protection (measured in g-value) to exceptional levels.

Why choose insulated glass with Cantifix?

  • To ensure that your interior environments are as pleasant to inhabit as they are to look at
  • To have the freedom to select elegant and luxury glass products, all of which can be insulated and comfortable
  • To create interior environments that are perfect for any purpose, whether it’s an insulated glass extension for hosting guests, or a sliding panel opening onto a rooftop garden

Who are our insulated glass panels for?

  • Anyone installing a glazing solution into their home or property, who will need to factor in insulation of heat and solar radiation
  • Architects or designers working on commercial or residential projects
  • Homeowners who want to add the luxury of a Cantifix product, and experience the ultimate in modern innovative comfort