First Tuesdays.

First Tuesdays are a new initiative developed by Cantifix – to share our knowledge, help architects and homeowners achieve their creative vision, and encourage a collaborative spirit.

We have created a dedicated space in our showroom where architects can book in and visit us on the first Tuesday of every month, for free, no-obligation advice about glass and how it can be used creatively as well as practically.

How does it work?

  • Cantifix experts will be on hand every month, running up to 7 sessions per day.
  • Bring along your drawings, sketches, or thoughts and get advice on detailing and specification.
  • Be inspired and gather information about new products and solutions.
  • Bring your own suggestions too, and help us inform and shape Cantifix products of the future.
  • We want First Tuesdays to create a no-pressure environment – there are no without restrictions.
  • Let us help you with any kind of project, as long as it has some glass in the scheme.

To book your slot, please call 020 8203 6203, or email