At Cantifix, we reserve the term ‘innovation’ exclusively for the most revolutionary and unique things we do.

Of course, we are constantly making improvements to our products and services - but to us, this isn’t innovation. It’s everyday. 

Our innovations are the actions that defy what our customers believe to be impossible. Those that satisfy even the most complex needs. And those that far surpass their expectations of Cantifix and the structural glazing market as a whole.

Our most groundbreaking innovations:

  • Our range of Pureglaze windows and doors and its continual expansion and improvement.
  • The Photon Space – the first ever all-glass habitable space, which harnesses the incredible health benefits of natural light to create a beautiful, practical, and revolutionary living area.
  • Our range of mechanical glass roofs and floors, invented and manufactured by us as a direct response to individual customer needs. Once the design has been prototyped, tested and installed for the original client, we take it through market research and launch it as part of our value proposition.