From sleek domestic concepts to international glazing commissions, Cantifix has been pushing the possible with glass since 1986. Discover our history.

who we are.

Cantifix was founded in 1986 by two of its current directors: Charlie and William Sharman. At our inception, we were purely a conservatory business, but it wasn’t long before we found our true calling: innovation.

From 1990, we took on ground-breaking experimental projects. We attracted the attention of distinguished architects. And we earned our place amongst the leading names in specialist glazing.

Our refusal to accept the “impossible” is what allows us to stay there. That and our steadfast commitment to new technologies, our passion for excellence, and our determination to maintain our core values of quality, innovation, attention to detail and co-operation. It’s no surprise that today, we consistently find success when we push the boundaries of what can be achieved with glass.

The result is that time and time again, our elite customer base of architects, designers, contractors and homeowners have returned to discover what else we can do.

We are building the future of glazing. We are innovating. We are Cantifix.


  • Made in Britain
  • RIBA
  • ISO
  • SSIP

made in britain

The Made in Britain Campaign enables buyers and consumers at home and abroad to identify top quality British-made products – and Cantifix is proud to be a member. 



Cantifix are RIBA accredited CPD providers and hold regular external and in-house sessions. The presentations at our Product Studio are the ultimate hands-on learning experience. 

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ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 is an international Bureau Veritas certification, based on an external audit of our Quality Management System. At its core this system maintains high standards in company management, customer service, and of course products. 

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SMAS worksafe Contractor and Consultant membership

This certifies that our health and safety documentation for contracting and design work has been checked and recognised by Safety Schemes in Procurement.    

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a brief history.

From conservatories to concepts that defy plausibility, Cantifix has grown beyond all expectation since its 1986 inception. This is our story.