About Us

Since 1986, Cantifix has been breaking new ground in the construction industry. Our innovative work has seen us collaborate with the most distinguished architects in the business, and sets us apart from other glazing suppliers.

In that time, we completed the first residential structural glazing project in Europe, introduced and continued to supply structural glazing to the market as a commercially viable alternative to traditional conservatories, and launched ‘The Photon Space’ (the first ever all-glass living experience) with associated research undertaken by Oxford University to demonstrate that human beings need daylight to function properly.

Transforming the built environment, creating innovative products, and encouraging healthier lifestyles globally – this is our vision, and what we continue to successfully achieve time and time again.

Pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with glass. Inspiring with bespoke, sleek, quality designs.

Our team of friendly experts would be delighted to take you through every stage of your project – from exploring your options to the final finishing touches. Get to know the team here.

Outstanding Quality. Sleek.34 years of experience.Inspiring. Bespoke.

Meet the Team

Talented, interested and approachable, our team of experts will be happy to take you through every stage of your project – from exploring your options to the finishing touches. Get to know them here.

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Regan Thomas

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Pre-production Draughtsperson

Maria Costea

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Finance Director

Matthew Sharman

It is possible to combine a business which is both creative and commercial – honest!

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Executive Director

Charlotte Fox

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Pre-production Manager

Artur Madajewski

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José Abreu

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Senior Sales

Andrew Morris

I've been in construction almost all my life, starting out as a kid helping in my dad's heritage window workshop and working across almost every department, from design to project management.

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Schüco Fabricator

Mario Neto

I always find it exciting working with roof lights and imagining the final result on a summer’s night looking up at the stars.

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William Sharman

Technology is at the heart of everything we strive for at Cantifix.

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Charlie Sharman

Alongside his brother and fellow director, William, Charlie founded Cantifix over 36 years ago, initially getting involved in surveying and installation, but moving through sales and most recently heading up the project management department.

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Senior Sales

Gareth Kannenberg

I like to get involved at an early stage, helping the rest of the team turn the client's imagination and the architect's sketches into a workable scheme.

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Head of Design

Graham Barnes-Warden

Every job is a challenge in a unique way and that's just part of the reason I love Cantifix.

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Project Manager

Mark Moloney

I’ve been in the glazing industry since I'd been helping my dad as a six-year-old. But it was only when I moved to London that I really began to understand what is possible with glass. I love that we will give most things a shot and we’ve not yet failed to find a solution.

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Senior Designer

Robert Pasek

I am a designer and I like to get things right, even if it takes me a little bit longer sometimes.

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Senior Sales

Nicola Morgan

I enjoy working with architects, homeowners and contractors from the start of their project to the completion.

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