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Talented, interested and approachable, our team of experts will be happy to take you through every stage of your project – from exploring your options to the finishing touches. Get to know them here. 

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Nicola Morgan.
senior sales.
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I enjoy working with architects, homeowners and contractors from the start of their project to the completion.

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Gareth Kannenberg.
Technical Sales and Design.

I like to get involved at an early stage, helping the rest of the team turn the client's imagination and the architect's sketches into a workable scheme.

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Graham Barnes-Warden.
Head of Design

Every job is a challenge in a unique way and that's just part of the reason I love Cantifix.

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Mark Moloney.
Project Manager.

I’ve been in the glazing industry since I'd been helping my dad as a six-year-old. But it was only when I moved to London that I really began to understand what is possible with glass. I love that we will give most things a shot and we’ve not yet failed to find a solution.

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Robert Pasek.
senior designer.

I am a designer and I like to get things right, even if it takes me a little bit longer sometimes.

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Nicola Morgan.
senior sales.

I enjoy working with architects, homeowners and contractors from the start of their project to the completion.

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Matthew Sharman.
Finance Director

It is possible to combine a business which is both creative and commercial – honest!

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Reena Ramasawmy.
Accounts Manager.

Having been with Cantifix for nearly 10 years, I enjoy dealing with the financial aspects of the business.

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William Sharman.
Company Director

Technology is at the heart of everything we strive for at Cantifix.

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Fiona Sharman.
HR Director.

Every day provides a different challenge and I find that really fulfilling.

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Chris Bovingdon.
Project Manager

I am here to help our clients with all aspects of their journey through Cantifix.

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Charlie Sharman.
Managing Director.

I am inspired by our customers’ visions and the projects we are asked to work on- I am here to help if needed.

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