Arne De Caepog.

Design and Sales Specialist.

I approach each project differently and am always in pursuit of refined and considerate details to build a lasting and timeless project.

my video.

Arne discusses the unique Cantifix approach to high level detailed design.

my favourite project.

A daring project which  highlights the possibilities of Structural Glazing, Putney House designed by Eldridge Smerin Architects. Here you can see Cantifix’s strength, combining complex glass to glass details in a discreet way & integrating systems seamlessly into one impressive statement. 


Tula House Project - built around the stunning views the project shows a strong balance of proportion, good use of glazing and blends well into its surroundings.


I would quite like to build a beautiful retreat like the Tula House project above. 
This would be in the beautiful settings of the Pacific coast of Chile or a dramatic landscape like above in Canada.