Fiona Sharman.

HR Director.

Every day provides a different challenge and I find that really fulfilling.

Favourite project.

The Photon Space – without question one of the most exciting and innovative buildings! Once you are inside the space there is a wonderful feeling of calm and quiet and it feels much larger than it looks. Lovely to watch life passing by. I cant wait to have one of my own, overlooking the sea so I can watch the dolphins playing. 


The Tent! Versatile, moveable and open to the elements – how we should be living. Sleeping when it gets dark and waking to the first sunlight – or possibly Lion rustling in the bushes! A clutter free life and the ability to wander to the next place when you feel like it.


To spend more time in Africa (preferably with Charlie!) exploring the places we have not yet been to. We all began life in Africa so perhaps that’s the natural place to finish it.