Mark Moloney.

Project Manager.

I’ve been in the glazing industry since I'd been helping my dad as a six-year-old. But it was only when I moved to London that I really began to understand what is possible with glass. I love that we will give most things a shot and we’ve not yet failed to find a solution.

My video.

Sometimes you just need someone working in the background to pull everything together.

Favourite project.

The award-winning Bradbury Studios are home to Graeae Theatre Company. More than just a façade, this building is a haven for creative minds who might otherwise not have an outlet.


Surely no explanation is necessary, right? It’s amazing to me that places like this really exist!


I hope to someday have a home with a Cantifix style elevation looking across this valley in Kilkenny, Ireland. A place where my children can spend time with their cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. This iPhone panorama doesn’t even come close to capturing the view!