Cantifix recently worked with kitchen brand Poggenpohl on their ‘Fourth Wall’ concept – creating the ultimate home kitchen – a place where gastronomy, creativity and interior design combine to inspiring effect. Poggenpohl believes in technical expertise, materials of the highest quality, meticulous craftsmanship and trend setting design – which makes it the perfect partner for Cantifix. 

The Fourth Wall concept uses advanced technology and professional standard components to create a place where good food and good company can be enjoyed to the full. Cantifix collaborated with Poggenpohl to specify a selection of top-quality glazing elements, including switchable glass – integral to the design. 

The name ‘Fourth Wall’ is taken from the world of theatre, representing the invisible wall that separates audience from actors – describing a kitchen that is a showcase for all to enjoy. High-spec glass is used in the pantry to create controlled environments where temperature and humidity are set at the optimum conditions for each ingredient. All ingredients are easily visible through the glass; and appear to hover in the air – however at the touch of a button the surface of the pantry becomes opaque, changing the atmosphere and preparing the kitchen for a family meal or dinner party. Switchable glass has also been used for the wine cellar, so the contents can be either on display or hidden.

This project is a great example of how glass can be used to stunning and functional effect inside a building – not just externally. The glazing complements the design and décor of the kitchen, as well as performing multiple functions such as controlling temperature and changing the look and feel of the space. Switchable glass is so versatile for interior use – to create a see through pantry; to conceal an en-suite bathroom; to create an adaptable division between areas of living space – the possibilities are endless.

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