Cantifix project Two Cocks Farm recently featured on the current series of C4’s Grand Designs. We designed, developed and fitted an enormous 18 m2 sliding glass door to the side of the farmhouse – where it is powered electrically to slide open down an incline.

Using lots of glass to bring natural light into a building used to be difficult to do without compromising insulation – but new glass technologies are improving rapidly due to the introduction of nano-technology into film and coating manufacture – allowing glass-filled buildings to be warm and cosy all year round. Our recently launched Photon Pod is a whole-building example of this – it’s 100% glass, yet can still achieve Passive House standards for insulation – with an overall u-value of 0.72 W/m2/K.

The benefits of new glass technologies don’t just apply to whole buildings – as demonstrated by the giant parallelogram-shaped sliding door at Two Cocks Farm. Based on the Cantifix PureGlaze range, the frame of the door is contained within the double-glazed unit, and therefore maintains the high insulation level of the glass over the whole panel – giving an overall u-value of 1.4 W/m2/K. The huge door weighed in at over 1000 kg, spanned more than 5 metres, and had to be able to slide automatically up and down the 7 degree slope – meaning that a serious amount of development time was required to design a system that performed perfectly and met all the specifications.

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