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Many of us dream of creating the perfect home. Whether this involves cutting-edge modern architecture, or a traditional property full of character, we all have some idea of the design that would suit us best. Cantifix have the pleasure of helping our clients make this vision a reality, as was the case with ‘Manor Farm’.

Cantifix, working with the fantastic Yiangou Architects, were tasked with creating a series of stunning glass features - including an innovative UV corner - and with our cutting-edge glazing technology, we helped transform the property into something truly unique...

The Challenge Manor Farm glazing

Cantifix are regularly tasked with working on listed and historic property; architects often opt for glazing in their designs for these kind of properties, for its subtle, seamless, and unobtrusive impact. This is key to the design being approved - it can’t detract from the original quality and character of the building.

When it came to Manor Farm, Yiangou wanted to create striking new additions to the property including an office space, a swimming pool, and a gym residence - these would tie the space together both aesthetically and practically. These moderations would need to conform to the local authority’s restrictions on altering the original building.

As Cantifix CEO Charlie Sharman noted: “The planning department stipulated that the original building should be clearly demarcated from the new extension with as little visual impact as possible.” This minimal visual impact was a large part of the reason Yiangou chose to work with Cantifix.

The VisionGlazing at manor farm

With the new structures determined, Cantifix worked closely in synergy with Yiangou, to create designs which matched the architects vision for the property. The goal was to craft a series of crystal clear, unobstructed views, which would frame the beautiful surrounding countryside, and give the interiors of the property an ‘outdoor feel’.

Glass was naturally going to play a large part in this, turning walls into windows, and whole sections of the new structures into ceiling-high horizons. In particular, a few cutting-edge glazing solutions were chosen as having the most potential for impact - the glass was to be frameless, seamless, and transformative.

As Charlie puts it: “Given the vast outdoor space, gardens and beautifully landscaped grounds, this extensive use of glazing enabled the homeowner to really unwind in the privacy of their own home whilst enjoying the breath-taking scenery, almost within touching distance.”

The GlassStunning glass corners

The solutions Cantifix & Yiangou chose to create featured a range of elegant, minimal structural glass installations. The key influencing factor of these designs was the necessity for them to be unobtrusive, and so Cantifix designed a series of unique, seamless glazed links to connect the buildings together.

These links create a sense of ‘flow’, without impacting existing (or new) structures. Using industry-leading technology, Cantifix designed these links to be totally frameless and crystal clear, meaning they offer a totally uninterrupted connection to the outside world.

Cantifix also opted for the Swiss brand Sky-Frame when it came to the doors for the project. Sky-Frame offer some of the highest-quality products in the world, with outstanding finish and performance - they’re one of the most secure sliding door systems on the market.

The UV Corner
UV glass corner at Manor farm
For the new gym, Cantifix and Yiangou decided to install one of the most striking features of the project: the UV bonded glass corner. This technique and technology means that Cantifix were able to design and install a glass corner which is effectively ‘invisible’, with glass bonded to glass, and absolutely no frame.

Charlie notes: “UV bonding allows glass to be seamlessly fixed, creating a striking invisible corner and giving that edge to a property” - and he’s spot on. It’s this kind of installation that elevates a design to that ‘next level’, and the corner at Manor Farm is striking both internally and externally, creating a lasting visual impression for both those viewing the property, and those using/living in it.
The end results…


The Results

With Manor Farm, the goal that Yiangou and Cantifix were working towards was simple, clear, and challenging: create a fusion of interior and exterior to transform the outside world into a key aspect of a piece of domestic architecture. The combination of Yiangou’s beautiful structural designs and Cantifix’s architectural glazing is a testament to how that goal was met.

In particular, visual elements such as the invisible glass corner stand out, and turn this project into something really special. Cantifix are proud to have worked on Manor Farm, which stands as a testament to how powerful glass can be in a design...

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