At Cantifix, we're no strangers to ideas that might best be described as a little bit mad, however, this time, we've truly been outdone by the "Hairy Handlebars". 18 months ago, Ben Cook and George Cullen thought it would be a good idea to cycle from the UK to Japan in time for this year's rugby World Cup. In a few short weeks, they'll be setting off.

A daunting six month adventure awaits them, taking in the soaring peaks of Tajikistan, the mighty Danube river, the brutal Ustyurt plateau and the actually-quite-pleasant streets of rural Kent. Not content with punishing themselves physically and mentally, the pair are also hoping to help a great many men across the UK by raising £30,000 for the Movember Foundation and the Ian Williams foundation.  As the departure date of the 21st of March approaches, the scale of the undertaking is slowly dawning on our intrepid Hairy Handlebars.

Luckily, they've got the backing of a few friends at home, including Cantifix, who are sponsoring them, as well as providing a couple of top quality backpacking tents to keep the boys (relatively) warm and dry. We'll also be cheering them on at home and following their journey here on our blog and on social media.

If you'd like to do your bit to support their fight against male cancers and poor mental health amongst young men, please visit their Virgin Giving page and support these amazing causes.

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