How to make the most of a glass extension

A glass extension is a truly wonderful addition to any home, and one of the best things it offers homeowners and property designers alike is endless opportunity. Whatever the size, style, and shape of your installation, the ways it can be used and the purposes it can serve are endless.


01 Feb 2022


Simon McAuliffe

Whether you’re at the early design stages, or have already had your product installed, one question often asked is ‘How can I make the most of my glass extension?’ Every homeowner will have their own plans and intentions, but if you are still undecided on how best to use your glass extension, then here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration.

The benefits of a glass extension


The benefits of a glass extension are difficult to number. One of the most significant factors is the amount of natural light these installations invite in. With glass walls and glass roofs, the interior environment of a glass extension is almost constantly exposed to sunlight, and the advantages are numerous – from improving sleep cycles and circadian rhythms, to giving our bodies a vital top-up of Vitamin D.

When an extension is made from glass, it also provides a wonderfully pleasant environment, both aesthetically and physically. With ventilation offered by opening windows and panels, and a constant interior climate maintained through sun-heating and glazed insulation, they are thoroughly pleasant spaces in which to spend time – and when they employ things like frameless glazing, they can look utterly stunning.

It’s arguable that the most valuable benefits offered by glass extensions relate to their versatility. Any additional space added to a property not only improves its financial value, but also opens up all kinds of practical uses. When thinking about how to make the most of your glass extension, it’s these benefits that offer the most potential.

1. Use your glass extension for relaxation


One of the most popular uses for a glass extension – and one that they lend themselves naturally to – is relaxation. The warmth and comfort offered by a glass extension make these spaces some of the most calming and tranquil in the home. Using them as an area for relaxation then is a fantastic way to get the most out of them.

If this is the intention for your extension, you’ll want to pay attention to interior design elements. Comfortable sofas or reclining chairs are a must-have, and additions like candles, and air scents from oil diffusers can all galvanise the sense of calm. Enjoying a quiet summer afternoon with a good book and a cup of tea, or even taking a quick nap after a busy day out are some of the best ways to make the most of your glass extension.

2. Use your glass extension for work


In contrast to relaxation, you could consider using your glass extension as a space in which to work. The aforementioned benefits of natural light lend themselves ideally to productivity; with more people than ever opting to work from home, extensions can achieve their full potential when used as glass office spaces.

Natural light has been shown to improve productivity, and working in a glass environment is (perhaps rather obviously) a great way to increase your exposure to it. The seamless connection between you and the world outside can also be a fantastic source of inspiration; if your work involves writing or creativity, then having an entire wall to gaze out of into your garden, nearby countryside or even some city architecture can really get the cogs turning.

If your work involves the use of a computer, you may need to factor in a way to reduce screen glare. Fortunately, modern technology makes this easier than ever, with adhesive films and other solutions readily available to alleviate any issues.

3. Use your glass extension for entertainment


One possible way to make the most of your glass extension is to use it as an entertainment space. While home cinema rooms might not be best suited to bright and airy glass rooms, glass extensions can be the perfect environment for other forms of entertainment.

Depending on the size of the space, you could consider something like a pool or ping pong table, pinball machine, or even something like a private bar (strictly for grown-ups, of course). Simply including a table and chairs can make a glass extension a fantastic place for a family board or card game afternoon. You could even invite over a few friends to share the fun.

 4. Combine your glass extension with your green fingers


One of the best uses for a glass extension is getting in touch with your inner gardener, and growing houseplants in your extension. Whether it’s simply a few decorative petunias to add an aesthetic flair to your interior decoration, or an entire tomato-harvesting operation, the sunlight and warm interior climate of a glass extension makes it the perfect place for plants to thrive.

You’ll need to do some homework, and ensure your extension meets the right criteria for the specific plants you intend to grow – some will need more sunlight than others, for example, whereas others may need to be germinated indoors then transferred to the garden.

Final Thoughts


While it’s unlikely that many homeowners will invest in a glass extension – particularly the luxury designs offered by Cantifix – without any plan as to its use, the versatility of these spaces mean that the way they are used can be altered easily.

Regardless of how you decide to make the most of your glass extension, there’s little question that these stunning additions can make any property exceptional, and open up all kinds of possibilities for your home.