Cantifix: Having moved from the operations department, you’re now heading up customer care at Cantifix – how was that transition, and what skills do you find yourself drawing on in your current position?

Jyoti: I’m consistently drawing on my experience in customer service – many of the skills I developed throughout my career are invaluable, including the ability to establish a positive working relationship with Cantifix’s clients quickly. Compassion and understanding for our clients’ needs, the ability to liaise across our numerous teams efficiently, and being a fast learner have also all been essential elements of my toolkit along the way!

By working across departments, I’ve developed a deep understanding of our business vision, and this, combined with the strong spirit of collaboration at Cantifix (and my own demeanour), made the transition to head of customer care a smooth, natural one.

C: Has your technical knowledge increased while working for us?

J: Absolutely - When I joined Cantifix, there was a pretty steep learning curve as I became familiar with our clients, projects, and the products and solutions we design. Thanks to the extremely supportive and collaborative team, who have invested much time in supporting me, the process of getting up to speed was quick and easy. Graham, our design manager, scheduled in time just to teach me how to read technical drawings, while our procurement manager, Artur, has spent innumerable hours teaching me about the various parts / components of our installations.

Detail of a technical drawing

On a practical level, factory manager Mevin is always helping to co-ordinate delivery of parts, prepare goods for dispatch, and showing me various interesting and pertinent manufacturing processes in the factory. Team leaders Anthony, Sergio, Mike and Jordan on a continual basis give their inputs from a site perspective which has been most crucial, all our project managers have taken time to explain project managerial aspects. Most of all, the directors (operations director Trisha in particular) have also taken time out from their busy schedules to ensure I have the knowhow I require to provide the level of support and care our customers deserve.

C: What’s the most satisfying part of the job?

J: With my background in teaching, as well as previous roles in customer service, nothing satisfies me more than helping people. With this job, the challenges our customers and clients face involve their own properties - the places where they live and work and relax - so it’s particularly satisfying to help them solve their problems, as it’s something so close to home – if you’ll excuse the pun!

C: You work across Cantifix’s departments, how do you coordinate the different work they all do to get the results our clients need?

Group of people holding handsJ: Having such a collaborative group of professionals at Cantifix has really made coordinating across teams a smooth process – everyone communicates excellently, which is pivotal.

Our teams work across various locations (thank you pandemic!), meaning the ways we stay in touch have naturally changed; often, the most effective way to communicate has been simply to pick up the phone to call people.

Despite the challenges presented by Covid, we’ve been able to ensure all the relevant team members have the information they need to make the job a successful experience at every level - not just for the client, but for contractors involved, and indeed the different teams across Cantifix. The systems in place at Cantifix, both procedural and with our bespoke project database software, ensure collaboration is generally seamless and positively encouraged.

C: The longevity of Cantifix and loyalty to our customers are key reasons contractors and architects come back to us again and again. Can you highlight a job where you’ve gone above and beyond to ensure we’ve had our client’s back?

A tall, frameless, glass doorJ: Two recent jobs stand out – in the first, the client urgently required replacement of a 2.5m high door. Even with all of the unique challenges this presented - finding a supplier to create a replacement panel with a short lead time, booking a crane, and arranging a larger-than-usual Cantifix maintenance team at the height of lockdown – this wasn’t too much of a challenge for a company of our longevity and standing in the industry.

Nonetheless, the client was absolutely delighted with how quickly we came together to get their glazing fixed and back to its best (or even better than – we replaced the glass with a sturdier glass specification, to ensure we wouldn’t be returning any time soon.

The second job presented a similar set of challenges. This time, it was a large sliding rooflight (2.5m x 1.8m). Finding a glass supplier to provide such a large panel at short notice in the early days of lockdown (May last year) was no small order, but once again made possible by the fact that we’ve been in the business 36 years, so we’ve worked with countless different specialist glass suppliers, and tend to receive preferential treatment from many of them in terms of scheduling their jobs, leading to better lead times for our clients.

A steel and glass enclosure on top of a block of flatsThe loyalty of our customers is hugely important to us. Once we’ve installed something in your home, we’re a part of your life, and we’ll take responsibility for your glazing no matter what. We recently went back to a job we installed over 30 years ago to remove and replace a now slightly faded steel and glass box! The client loved his glass extension, so we used exactly the same design, but updated the glass specification to offer 21st century comfort and performance. The fact that we’re still here 30 years later speaks volumes, and our expertise, fiscal responsibility and ongoing desire to push boundaries means we’re confident we’ll be around for another 30 years, and more.



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