The latest Maggie’s cancer support centre at Southampton General Hospital, designed by award-winning architecture studio AL_A, will formally open next month, and Cantifix were honoured to be a part of this inspirational project. The feedback has been excellent so far, and you can read The Observer's thoughts on the project here. 

Maggie’s, which has 25 years’ experience offering cancer support, already has a number of centres across the UK. This new location has transformed a corner of the hospital site previously used for car parking and will provide support for the hospital’s oncology unit.

Cantifix designed the rainscreens as part of a series of four box buildings clad in mirror-polished stainless steel. This has created a surface that will reflect the greenery of the ‘wild’ garden (designed by award-winning landscape designer, Sarah Price), in an unusually distorted way, camouflaging the buildings and lending the space a stunning, ethereal quality.

The building is set in a woodland oasis, amongst stunning gardens, that reflect the ecology of the nearby New Forest. The glazing amplifies the exceptional views out to this serene setting, with the aim to create a tranquil, nature-filled atmosphere.

The rainscreen has been designed to fix to the building using anti-rattle tape to guarantee zero sound, maintaining tranquility. In addition, three of the boxes feature rooflights with a dark solar control coating to limit the amount of light in the space, to preserve the meditative woodland feel inside, whilst two-way mirror glass panels allows the programme team to check on centre visitors yet maintain their privacy. The rainscreen has been designed with acoustic, fire and thermal insulation manufacturers Siderise, to ensure it exceeds current fire safety regulations.

In addition, Cantifix designed and supplied a combination of fixed and opening windows, and Skyframe sliding doors (some of which are motorised).
Cantifix provided all the glazing at cost and made a £40k philanthropic donation to support the ongoing work of the centre. This is the second project Cantifix has worked together on with Maggie’s, the other being their similarly woodland-themed cancer care centre in Oxford, also using frameless glazing and Sky-frame sliding doors to maximise woodland views.

The private areas, including consulting rooms and quiet spaces, open onto the gardens through our full-height glazed sliding doors which disappear into pockets in the walls, removing the boundaries between landscape and building. Now, the woodland oasis provides a calm, reflective space for people to enjoy.

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