We've recently completed a £300,000 R&D investment into our sky.by.cantifix range of moving rooflights. Even as many businesses are struggling or downsizing, we felt now was the time to re-affirm our status as the premium structural glazing company in the UK, striving to be the very best as we have done throughout our history.

After being subjected to hurricane-strength "wind" and "rain" tests (in the comfort of the world-leading VINCI testing facility in Bedfordshire), our newest development, the hinged hydraulic rooflight, has been certified to the highest BS and EN standards for water- and wind-proofing, air tightness and security.

The newest addition to our product suite utilises an outer pane of 17.5mm toughened, SGP-laminated, low iron glass and an inner pane of 13.5mm low-iron, heat-treated, SGP-laminated safety glass, so it is tough enough to stand up to even the most extreme conditions. In line with our other offerings, low-iron glass and minimal visible framework make our hinged, hydraulic rooflight beautiful as well as practical. For added comfort and wellbeing, these rooflights can be combined with Solstice Glass.

The sky.by.cantifix range is completed by pop-up, sliding and box-style sliding rooflights, 67 of which sit atop the newly redeveloped Battersea Power Station. A pop-up sky.by.cantifix rooflight is also being installed in a premium shopping location in the heart of Istanbul.

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