breakfast coffeeThe best kinds of home improvements are the ones which not only improve the property itself – for example, by adding value or beautifying its appearance – but which significantly improve your experience of living there.

Swapping your traditional walls for glass ones, or your opaque, wooden doors for custom glass doors, is one of the best home improvements to make in this regard. It is a change which will can hugely improve the ways in which you can enjoy your home, on a daily basis. Imagine, for instance, sitting at your kitchen table as you drink your morning coffee and noticing that the first crocuses of spring have sprouted on the newly-visible lawn outside.

Beyond facilitating a greater sense of connection to the beauty of the natural world – and being aesthetically attractive in and of themselves – there are multiple practical benefits to adding custom glass doors to your home’s design, including their durability and ease of maintenance. Navigating the plethora of potential design directions with the aid of experts in home design, it can be easy to find a truly life-enhancing option which is entirely optimized for your own specific needs.

The health benefits of architectural glazing

seasonal affective disorder syndrome (SADS)With contemporary, urban populations currently spending over 90 percent of our time indoors, according to recent research, building designs which increase our level of access to natural light are more important now than ever before.

Our modes of existence have diversified and changed dramatically since the popularisation of artificial lighting in the 19th century, with shift work necessitating and normalising irregular sleeping hours for many people. Without sufficient exposure to daylight, the risk of developing a range of physical and psychological health conditions – ranging from vitamin D deficiency to depression and seasonal affective disorder syndrome (SADS) – is increased.

Altering the architectural structure of a property to increase its levels of daylight may not be an option for all homeowners. Replacing detachable components of the home, such as doors, may be comparatively viable. Opting for transparency with regard to the design of the doors of your property allows light to flow through a space, and allowing homeowners to reap the benefits of natural light.

Custom glass doors are durable

architectural glass It is important to fully assess the safety of any new features you are considering adding to your property. This is particularly crucial when redesigning its entry points, and ensuring that your security is uncompromised is a top priority. For people considering replacing a traditional door with a glass one, the durability of glass as a building material is naturally an important concern.

Fortunately, modern glass is made in a sophisticated way, and includes processes like toughening, heat-soaking, heat-strengthening and lamination. This means that the glass doors of today are well-placed to shatter any pessimistic preconceptions about their potential strength.

Heat-strengthened glass can be safely and securely used to create walls, ceilings and even staircases; the secret to its robust nature is that it is made of multiple panes joined together. The joining process creates structures in which the individual panes are bonded together so securely that, in the event of breakage, they would hold firmly to one another rather than shattering.

Indeed, by employing the latest processing techniques, it is possible to design glazing which meets security requirements of every level. This extends to imbuing glass with bomb-proofing, bulletproofing,and even anti-bandit technology. With glass manufacturing methods prioritising structural integrity so highly, concerns about the security strength of glass need no longer be an obstacle to exploring the possibilities of installing a custom glass door.

Glass is cost-effective and low-maintenance

warping woodAlthough the initial cost of installing a bespoke glass door or window may be higher than that of a standard, wooden option, homeowners will reap the dividends in multiple capacities.

A key characteristic of glass is its timeless imperishability. Glass doors do not warp, nor are they susceptible to wood rot or damage from termites; all of which are problems that can affect doors made of timber. Furthermore, the smoothness of architectural glass means that it can be easily cleaned, unlike a painted wooden surface; there are no irregularities to the texture of glass, and there is therefore less potential for dust to collect on it. In addition to being less likely to need replacing, a custom glass door will therefore also save time and expenses from a cleaning standpoint.

A simple way to boost property value

glass doorsThe value of a property can be increased significantly by tactical home improvements. Some of the most effective of all such measures are those that add to the value of the property without engendering disruptive or lengthy building work.

Switching traditional doors for custom glass ones is exactly the kind of upgrade that boosts the value of a property, bypassing the need for any extensive or labour intensive processes, which many other forms of home improvement (such as the construction of an extension) can necessitate.

With no need for lengthy building work, or to obtain planning permission, your custom glass doors will be a simple – and clearly visible – means of increasing the net worth of your home. Furthermore, the more advanced technologies the doors themselves contain – for instance, switchable glass that turns from transparent to opaque at the touch of a button or the swipe of a screen – the more greatly they can add to the property’s value.

Make it yours: custom glass doors are attractive, versatile and personalised

personalised glass doors While this guide aims to spotlight some of the lesser-known advantages of glass doors, it is important not to overlook one of their most obvious attributes; their aesthetic beauty. With so many different styles of door and types of glass available, your new door can integrate perfectly into – and complement the aesthetics of – your current living space.

Considering how you currently enjoy your property, versus how you would like to use the space, is a great starting point for strategizing which type of glass doors you’d like to open your home to. From floor-to-ceiling sky-frame glass doors, to bifold and pivot doors, there are almost limitless ways to approach this kind of open-ended, horizon-expanding home improvement. With the right architectural advice, you will be able to alight on an option which fulfills your needs entirely.

When a tired, timber-framed, traditional wooden door closes, a window of infinite possibilities opens up.

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