We approach every project as a unique enterprise. This means that we are always working with fresh eyes to identify the most appropriate glazing for each client, alive to the fact that the unique specifications of your brief may require bespoke solutions. It was in this context that we created the Invisible Corner; the latest addition to our repertoire of architectural glazing innovations.

How can you blend interiors and exteriors smoothly?

How can you create the greatest possible sense of continuity between the indoors and outdoors? And how can you ensure absolutely unobstructed views of the outside from within?

This elegant design element was piloted while working with one specific client as a means of satisfying these requirements. However, we quickly ‘saw the light’ and realised that the various different characteristics of our solution — which has an unobtrusive but impressive ability to open up a space — are desirable within a wide range of contexts and designs. We decided to make the solution we devised available to all clients, and the Invisible Corner was born.

The Invisible Corner offers you a practical means of enhancing the enjoyment of both the interior and exterior of a property, with maximum elegance.

To introduce its appeal, we have compiled this shortlist of its attributes, enabling you to explore the ways that an invisible corner can transform the configuration of both private and public spaces.Invisible glass corner links indoors and outdoors

Appreciating indoors and outdoors together

Our clients choose to feature architectural glass in the design of their new builds and renovations for a wide variety of project-specific reasons, ranging from letting the light into a family living area, to making gallery exhibits visible from outdoors. From within the wide-ranging prism of objectives, however, common goals shared by most clients include increasing the levels of natural light within the interior of the property and boosting its sense of connection to nature and the outside world.

The Invisible Corner enables a sensation of unpunctuated immersion in the space, whether you are inside or outside.

Before the introduction of the Invisible Corner, even the most graceful glass installations were bordered by (at least) a thin frame, creating a partition — albeit a minute one — within an otherwise uninterrupted view. Constructed entirely out of glass, the Invisible Corner does not feature any structural reminders that you are looking at, or through, the edge of a building. This gives you the freedom to enjoy an inner and outer world without barriers.

Preserving the intended aesthetics of all properties

Our portfolio of historical projects has presented us with a great many different challenges over the years, and we have relished them all in different ways. We have refurbished spaces including churches, a diverse array of college buildings at Oxford University, and the English Heritage Headquarters.

Our briefs when renovating historic buildings are always unique. For example, installing graduate learning centre in Wadham College, Oxford, where the iron content in the glass made for a dynamically green-tinted addition.

Another example of our work with heritage sites includes adding a glass lobby to St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace in London. Working to preserve the tranquility of this 15th century church, the end-goal was to effect a seamless blend between old and new; a Pureglaze door helps ensure the subtlety of the overall design in this project.

The Invisible Corner is at the cutting-edge of architectural glazing solutions, at the same time as being our most inconspicuous innovation.

Architects and other construction professionals will appreciate the craftsmanship of the Invisible Corner, as well as its versatility. However, in all contexts — and especially historical buildings where clients are keen to preserve the original aesthetic of the space while unobtrusively updating its functionality — our latest creation will simultaneously triumph in the secret sophistication it brings to the design.

glass corner provides view of fields outsideRevealing an unobstructed view of nature

Fostering our connection to nature is another area in which the Invisible Corner comes into its own: it’s a design feature that can bring a much-needed infusion of greenery into our sightline from within public buildings, workplaces, and homes.

It is no secret that spending time in nature can provide us with a multitude of different health benefits. Recent research has revealed that, while complete immersion (such as going for a hike) is the most effective way to access its healing properties, even just looking at plant life can make us feel better.

It has also been established that glimpses of outdoor greenery lasting as short as 40 seconds, dubbed ‘micro-breaks’, can help office workers sustain attention for longer, boosting mood and productivity. Furthermore, people who achieve a powerful connection to nature in childhood maintain this in adulthood, becoming more eco-conscious, as well as more likely to seek out natural environments and their associated health benefits.

With these factors in mind, glazing solutions like the Invisible Corner, which offer us the highest quality glimpses of greenery possible, are therefore the best for our health. To create the greatest sense of connection with nature that it is possible to experience from indoors, our clients are increasingly embracing architectural glazing solutions that can provide the most unobstructed views.

Expanding the versatility of the spaceBeautiful invisible glass corner

Invisible corners can upgrade the fundamental functionality of a space beyond transforming its looks. Invisible Corners undoubtedly upgrade a space by joining up different parts of its view. For the first time, perhaps, you can enjoy the curvature of the garden and the way it envelops the rest of the building. However, for many of our clients, our glass installations already transform not just the look and feel of a space, but the ways in which they can use it.

We are often asked to help make previously separate areas — for example, a kitchen, living area and conservatory — into an open-plan configuration, thereby maximising its usable size and versatility. With the installation of Invisible Corners, the undesirable boundaries between different sections of a property can be dissolved to the greatest possible extent.

In a restaurant or bar, for example, Invisible Corners can be used to ensure the total retail area is viewable from more angles. This enables a shared field of vision and better communication between staff in different sections, which could result in faster and more effective management of the space, facilitating all kinds of possibilities!

Illusory magic, with structural integrity

Many different types of designs with corners could, theoretically, feature Invisible Corners. Their suitability for inclusion in an infinite variety of designs is remarkable — their undetectable join can be bonded by joining two panels of glass vertically or horizontally, and these can feature double or triple-glazing.

Beyond their smart visual aesthetic, the Invisible Corner is an appropriate addition to any smart building, even constructable using switchable glass. Switchable glass can transform from transparent to opaque and back again at the touch of a button (or the swipe of a screen). It stands to reason that designs focussed on optimising the use of the space also encompasses the possibility of privacy at certain times, accessible with the flexibility and user-friendly simplicity that characterises all of our designs.

If you would like to discuss the possible inclusion of Invisible Corners in a project or design, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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