Case Studies

Innox Lodge







Local materials and minimal glazing helped transform this family home in rural Somerset. To elegantly link the communal kitchen space with the vast green landscape, a new garden room was created.

The client had two essential specifications: that the space performed as a multi-purpose room, and that the temperature remained perfect for all seasons.

The Challenge

The brief stipulated that the space needed to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year, so we specified double glazing with an Argon-filled cavity as well as low-e coating to all the glazed units.

Another major part of the brief was to remove as much as framework as possible from the glazed part of the structure. To that end, we used a UV corner at the interface of the east (the front of our glass as you’re looking at the back of the house) and south elevations (the left-hand side as you’re looking at the back of the house). This was one of the first UV corners we ever created and the fact it’s stood the test of time for ten years proves we got it right first time!

The Results

One of the first UV corners we ever designed and built combines beautifully with Sky-Frame sliding doors to create a light-filled living space that can be used whatever the weather. In winter, double glazing, special glass coatings and an inert layer of gas between the panels in the double glazed unit keep the heat inside, while in summer, the doors can be fully opened to allow airflow into the living space and keep it at a comfortable ambient temperature.

Photography by George Sharman.