The marriage of traditional aesthetics with modern, frameless glazing always makes for a beautiful project. This Victorian house with its gorgeous, traditional English garden is the perfect example of this, with the creation of a modern family room extension putting the icing on the cake.

Alongside Mills Power Architects, we transformed the client’s kitchen into a bright, airy space, perfect for cooking and entertaining. Sky-Frame sliding doors, frameless glass walls and an invisible corner invite the inside in and remove the boundaries between the garden and interior space.

The Challenge

When working with historical buildings, planners often stipulate frameless glazing as it blends in seamlessly with almost any architectural style, not drawing attention to itself while accentuating the best of the surrounding building.

With Langleys, the key was this minimal approach. In order to make the most of the client’s outdoor space, we were keen to remove as much visually obtrusive framework as possible and ensure the space was both physically and visually linked to the garden.


The Vision

Now that the planners had stipulated frameless glass, Cantifix collaborated closely  with Mills Power Architecture to ensure the glass matched their and the client’s vision for the property. The goal was to maximise natural light, remove the boundary between outside and inside and make the most of the views over the beautiful gardens.

Naturally, the glazing going to play a large part in this, removing visual (and in some cases physical) barriers between the garden and new family room. It was decided to usesome of the most up-to-date and innovative glazing solutions we offer, as we always strive to make glass as unobtrusive and subtle as possible with each of our innovations.

The Glass

The glazing we chose had to be as free from framework as possible, and with the shape of the building, the obvious choice was to use frameless glass walls and invisible corners, creating almost no visual interruption between the garden and family space.

Using the latest production techniques and high-end materials, we seamlessly join mitered glass together using UV-cured adhesives to create an invisible seam along our glass corners. Where we joined our frameless panels together for the straight sections, we used a thin band of black structural silicone for the most minimal join possible and a sleek, classic look.

For the doors, there was no choice other than Sky-Frame, our premium minimally framed sliding door system, utilising Swiss precision engineering to create truly stunning and highly efficient sliding doors.

The Results

The ultimate goal with this project was to create a beautiful, functional space that could be enjoyed by all the family and guests, but function isn’t the only consideration, and the form of this extension is simply beautiful due to a combination of Mills Power Architects’s beautiful designs and Cantifix’s architectural glazing.

In particular, visual elements such as the invisible glass corner stand out, and turn this project into something really special. Cantifix are proud to have worked on Langleys.

Photography by George Sharman. View and download our digital lookbook here.

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