Case Studies

Manor Farm


Historical, Rural






A former rectory in Oxfordshire was in need of modernisation, including new amenities, including an office, swimming pool and gym.

As well as the new extension, the client also remodelled the existing, dated main house to ensure it matched the contemporary extension.

The Challenge

The existing building was built at some point in the middle of the 17th century and the site was covered in archaeological finds from as early as the first century CE of both Roman and Anglo-Saxon origin. Therefore, the planning constraints were incredibly tight, limiting the form, footprint and material palette of the extension.


The Vision

Due to the planning constraints, Yiangou designed an extension with a barn-like profile and a frameless glass link between the old and new. The glazing on the extension is all frameless, with an invisible corner offering uninterrupted views over the gardens and Sky-Frame sliding doors enclosing the pool house. PureGlaze doors contain concealed framework, adding to the sleek, minimally framed look of the pool house.

The Results

Alongside Yiangou, we really pushed the boundaries of architecture and design on this project, creating what was at the time our largest UV corner and breathing new life into this 400 year old home. The use of contemporary glazing and more traditional materials marries the old and new in a spectacular, contemporary manner.


Photography by Nick Fry.