Case Studies

Victorian Remix








In order to bring this house into the 21st century, Guarnieri Architects and Famella Building Contractors were tasked with replacing dingy, disconnected spaces with an airy, open-plan multi-use family space.

A huge part of this project was bringing in natural light and blurring the distinction between inside and out to create a space suitable for all sorts of uses throughout the year.

The Challenge

With the Victorian Remix, the addition of the pool, steam room and hot tub was a small part of the overall brief, which was focused around improving wellbeing and creating a space that encouraged health and wellbeing. Moreover, as the building sits in a conservation area in a storied part of South London, planning considerations had to be taken into account – the new extension couldn’t detract from the original brick façade and had to respect the building’s heritage, nor should it impose on the neighbours on either side of the property.


The Vision

Once the designs had been drawn up, a frameless look and big expanses were the order of the day for the glass box, so Cantifix were the clear choice (if you’ll excuse the pun!)

At such a large size (the front elevation of the glass box stands at over 6m tall and 5m wide), clever engineering and specialist glass knowledge were vital and that’s where we come into our own.


The Engineering

With panel weights in excess of 400kg, the box clearly needed steel supports, however, the client was keen for these to be as minimal as possible. Therefore, a cruciform shape was chosen, to separate the lateral loads (wind) and vertical loads (weight of the glass). This allowed for smaller steel sections than would ordinarily be used for these huge loads.

Frameless glass, a minimally-framed Schueco sliding door and the thinnest steel sections possible allow maximum natural light into the space as well as removing visual demarcation between the internal space and garden, perfectly fitting the brief and creating a space that fosters health, wellbeing and enjoyment of the space.

The Results

If the brief here was to create an open-plan space flooded with natural light and to remove the inside/outside boundary as much as physically possible, while respecting the original building, the job was designed and carried out to perfection.

We’re immensely proud of this project and in particular, the collaborative approach between engineering, architecture and construction allowed everyone involved to create a space that will continue to foster wellbeing and health for years to come.


Photography by Quintin Lake Architectural Photography. View and download our technical brochure here.