Sky-Frame represents the ultimate in glazing innovation, design and technology. Featuring a diverse variety of beautiful sliding doors, this range is the result of years of glazing research, knowledge and experience.

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Glass Walls & Vertical Glazing

Glass walls are some of the most practical and visually effective glass installations available. They flood interior spaces with daylight, and offer a wide variety of other visual and practical applications.

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Glass Structures

When it comes to glass structures, Cantifix pushes the realms of possibility. Our glazing sets a benchmark in structural glass design that comes from our years of experience as leaders in the field.

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Glass Innovation & Technology

Every day, advances in technology are bringing new glazing products to the market, meaning that Cantifix is continually able to push new boundaries when it comes to glazing solutions for the commercial and residential market.

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Glass Roofs

Cantifix are proud to offer a range of exclusive glass roof solutions which are not only expertly designed and installed for practical purposes, but utterly luxurious and aspirational too. Our glazed roof solutions are a pragmatic and visually elegant addition to a home or commercial property.

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Glass Floors

Glass floors are some of the most elegant and visually impressive glazing solutions available, and while all of our glass floor designs are exceptional, few of them better exhibit the innovation Cantifix are famous for than our structural glass floor varieties.

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