glass extension.

Combining any number of our bespoke products, Cantifix design and create glass extensions that offers countless benefits, both aesthetically and practically. We understand our clients’ desire to make their home or property absolutely exceptional, and a structural glass extension is often the best product to make their dreams come true.

By designing and installing a frameless or structural glass extension, you’re not just adding more space to your home in luxury style - you’re adding potential to your property. Your home is a unique space. It’s the place where you live, work, eat, and build the memories that you and your loved ones will cherish for years to come. A glass extension isn’t just an enhancement to your property, it’s an enhancement to your home lifestyle.

The benefits of a glazed extension are countless. Constructed from any number of our bespoke products, a structural glass extension is one of the best ways to experience the positive effects of natural light on your wellbeing. Contemporary extensions can be used as living areas, quiet spaces for focussed work or relaxation, or as the perfect environment to entertain guests. The choice is yours, and a glass extension for your home is an endlessly beneficial installation.

The comprehensive customisability of these glass home extensions means that their uses are limited only by your imagination and aspirations. From opening walls made from glass doors, to retracting skylights that turn your space into a courtyard, no plan is too elaborate. By combining a wide range of our other bespoke installations, every Cantifix glass extension is totally unique


Glass extension on a modern bathroom

Home is where the heart is. It’s the place where we unwind, where we socialise with our loved ones, and where we build memories. If you plan to extend your living spaces, then adding a modern glass house design feature is a fantastic choice - and a Cantifix glass extension is one of the finest options available.

A modern glass extension to your house, home, or property, is the perfect environment in which to relax and unwind. Enjoying a calming sunset with a glass of wine after a long week, catching up on the latest box office hit, or even indulging in a soak in the hot tub are just a few examples of the endless potential of a glass extension. Whatever you decide to use your new living space for, we ensure that the design meets your exact needs and requirements - and as with all Cantifix products, the results aren’t just practical, but visually breathtaking.

Whether it’s a small addition to a corner of your property, or a grand glass enclosure, with Cantifix the only limits are your imagination. All of our modern glass house designs are bespoke and entirely customisable, and give our clients the chance to experience true luxury. Seamless, uninterrupted views, cutting-edge glass technology, and elegant designs - Cantifix will help you turn your home into a horizon.

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A glass home extension with a modern kitchen design

For centuries, the kitchen has been the heart of the home. It’s not only the place where we prepare food, but where we come together and share experiences. With a Cantifix extension, you’ll be constantly inspired and invigorated by your glass kitchen design.

As modern taste and technology moves forwards, Cantifix work with our clients to ensure their interior kitchen plans are matched in elegant style by the room itself, and there are few better ways to marry the two than with a bespoke luxury glass extension. Working to your exact specifications, we can explore any number of glass kitchen designs - from frameless glass walls, to entire glass rooms.

By combining any number of our cutting-edge glass products, we can create for you a place of inspiration. Your glass extension will ensure that you’re in constant and seamless contact with the outside world, and will provide an elegant link between your kitchen and outdoor spaces - with our glass kitchen designs, we can turn your interior space into a stunning view.

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Woman sits and writes inside a glass extension

More people than ever before are working from home, either part or full time, and are having to create their own workspaces. We offer our clients the opportunity to install a glass extension that can be used as a stylish glass office - creating the ultimate luxury working environment. 

A dedicated home workspace is vital to productivity and concentration, and a beautifully designed glass office is a great solution. The exposure to natural light offered by these elegant installations helps you to focus, improves your concentration levels, and even boosts your overall psychological and physical wellbeing.

With a bespoke design, our custom glass extensions are built with your specific needs in mind. With a variety of options, including opaque glass panels, it’s possible to create a small and quiet private workspace, or a bright and airy glass office - the only limits are your imagination.

By combining our 3 decades of experience with the finest cutting-edge technology, we can create a glass office or workspace that is comfortable, creative, and conducive to productivity. The seamless connection between the outside world and your workspace makes these glass extensions spaces of inspiration, and they’re designed with you at every stage.

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The Photon Space glass living environment, behind a blue car on a road

After 30 years at the cutting edge of pioneering structural glazing, Cantifix are proud to offer our most innovative product to date - the Photon Space. This self-contained, standalone glass living space has been designed to maximise wellbeing, and help us reconnect with the natural world.

To maximise our wellbeing and health, we need natural light. Our bodies thrive on it; it’s our primary source of Vitamin D, and it governs our circadian rhythms and sleep patterns. All of our products enable homeowners to bathe their properties in natural light, but we wanted to go further. We started asking questions, like ‘could we design more than just a window, floor, roof or door? Could we use the technology we’ve developed to create an entirely glass living space, a glass home?’

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Table and chairs inside the photon space glass home

The impact our living space has on our wellbeing is something we believe is truly important, so much so that we’ve sponsored Oxford University to undertake further research on participants living in a Photon Space glass house, built on the Danish island of Bornholm.

This is the first time research into the effects of daylight on our biology, and sleep/wake cycles has been collected from participants in their living environment - the results are expected to be extremely valuable, and we’re proud to be a part of this innovation.

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