More people than ever before are working from home, either part or full time, and are having to create their own workspaces. We offer our clients the opportunity to install a glass extension that can be used as a stylish glass office - creating the ultimate luxury working environment. 

A dedicated home workspace is vital to productivity and concentration, and a beautifully designed glass office is a great solution. The exposure to natural light offered by these elegant installations helps you to focus, improves your concentration levels, and even boosts your overall psychological and physical wellbeing.

With a bespoke design, our custom glass extensions are built with your specific needs in mind. With a variety of options, including opaque glass panels, it’s possible to create a small and quiet private workspace, or a bright and airy glass office - the only limits are your imagination.

By combining our 3 decades of experience with the finest cutting-edge technology, we can create a glass office or workspace that is comfortable, creative, and conducive to productivity. The seamless connection between the outside world and your workspace makes these glass extensions spaces of inspiration, and they’re designed with you at every stage.

Have a project in mind? Contact us to discuss how to make a glass extension a part of your design.

product details

  • Custom designed and built to your exact specifications and working needs, whether it’s a small focussed space or a large open plan working environment.
  • Maintains a consistent interior climate, with ventilation and insulation available as design options
  • Can feature a wide range of glass options, including opaque variations for privacy
  • Designed with the nature of your work in mind - with a focus on reducing screen glare through careful orientation and glass office design. 

Why choose a glass office?

  • For the perfect home working environment, a glass office offers some of the most effective and noticeable benefits.
  • To create a dedicated working space in your home, without having to sacrifice other rooms or areas.
  • To experience the luxury of a Cantifix glass solution in your daily work, with a truly practical application

Who are our glass offices for?

  • Homeowners who work remotely from home, who want a dedicated office space, and are interested in the benefits of glass office design.
  • Architects and property designers who want to create a dedicated space for home working, with a focus on modern convenience and aesthetic.