fixed fire rated floor.

One of the things we at Cantifix take particular pride in, is that we are able to to offer out customers almost limitless freedom when it comes to designs. While this is hugely important to us, we also recognise that there are occasions when freedom and innovation are trumped by safety - fire regulations mean that in some situations, fire-rated glass is required.

At Cantifix, not only can we accommodate these requirements - but we can do so while avoiding any need to sacrifice creativity and freedom in design. We understand that fire regulations are a very specific field, and we are more than happy to guide any client through the process, ensuring not only that regulations are met, but that the result is visually spectacular.

Our fire-rated glass floors offer the absolute highest quality in insulation and protection - even with a fire raging nearby, they can still be walked on with ease. They will satisfy even the most fastidious of building inspectors, and do so in true luxury style.

Have a project in mind? Contact us to discuss how to make a fire-rated glass floor a part of your design.

product details

  • Both 30-minute and 60-minute fire-rated glass floors available
  • Just as flexible as all of our other fixed glass floor options, but carefully designed to meet fire regulations
  • Cutting edge technology for sound and heat insulation, meaning these floors are hugely versatile
  • Same elegant, luxury design as all of our other glass products - seamless borders, and flawless aesthetic designs

Why choose a fire-rated floor?

  • To include all the aesthetic and ambient luxury of all Cantifix solutions, with the added security of fire-rated specifications
  • To ensure easy access to fire-escape routes (which often require fire-rated glass floors as standard)
  • To meet any building fire-requirements as necessary

Who are our fire-rated glass floors for?

  • Architects, designers and building planners who wish to include a glass floor in their plans, but need to meet fire-safety regulations
  • Homeowners for whom safety is a top priority, but who don’t want to lose the luxury afforded by Cantifix glass solutions.

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