At Cantifix, we are constantly questioning the very realms of possibility when it comes to structural glazing. In doing so, it’s almost inevitable that many of our projects grow in scope and size; over the years, we’ve become masterful at large-scale projects of all kinds - if you’re looking for a glass floor to cover a big area, then look no further than our multi-panel floors.

The structural glass floor panels of these solutions are sturdy, seamlessly joined, and flawlessly designed. We believe you should never feel limited in your designs, and when it comes to planning your dream home or space, we ensure our clients never feel restricted.

Supported by a variety of beam options to smoothly integrate them into the aesthetic of your property, your glass solution can be comprised of as many structural glass floor panels as you want - or have room for.

Open the door to possibility with a Cantifix multi-panel floor.

Have a project in mind? Contact us to discuss how to make a multi-panel glass floor a part of your design.

product details

  • Clear silicone joints between panels ensure an almost entirely uninterrupted view when looking both down and up through the glass.
  • Larger multi-panel floors can be supported by aluminium, steel or even glass beams for a real ‘wow’ factor.
  • Top-quality sound and heat insulation; Cantifix multi-panel floors don’t just look stunning, they are practicality impressive too.
  • Framework is covered with a painted strip around the edge of the glass, producing a sleek border effect.
  • Multiple panels mean installation can often be completed without the use of a crane.

Why choose a multi-panel floor?

  • To cover larger floor spaces, and create an impressive, vast and timeless effect for your home or property, with minimal installation hassle when compared with other large glass solutions
  • To create whole extensions or exterior spaces, extending the usable floor space of your home

Who are our multi-panel floors for?

  • Homeowners looking for a large-scale glass feature, to either extend their spaces or improve the aesthetic of existing spaces.
  • Architects or designers looking to implement a large glass floor, who don’t want the inhibitive restrictions of alternative structural glass floor panels

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