fixed one panel floor.

When people refer to glass floors, a one-panel floor is probably what comes to most people's minds. No unneeded complexities. No extravagant contraptions or devices. Just pure, crystal clear glass, set seamlessly into the floor of an interior or exterior space. Elegantly simple. Beautifully executed. Our one-panel floors are all of these things, and more.

At Cantifix, our solutions cater to all kinds of practical necessities, and functional requirements. We offer products that can be installed in almost any situation, but at the heart of it all, is glass. Whatever the needs of our client, at the centre of everything we do is the knowledge and appreciation of glass as one of the most visually stunning construction materials - a one-panel floor is the embodiment of this appreciation.

Limited only by your imagination, and practicality, these simple and refined designs add a timeless quality to your home or property. Whether you would prefer a small, subtle design, or a grandiose, attention-commanding panel, Cantifix can make it happen, and can help you make your home exceptional.

Have a project in mind? Contact us to discuss how to make a single-panel glass floor a part of your design.

product details

  • Totally safe and secure - modified glass ensured strength and safety.
  • Endless variety - thickness and size of glass can be altered to suit your needs, be they weight bearing (for instance, under a car in a garage) or purely aesthetic.
  • Excellent heat and sound insulation - no need to sacrifice interior air quality, making these solutions an ideal choice for any situation

Why choose a one-panel floor?

  • To seamlessly divide different areas of your home or property, adding a sense of continuity and flow
  • To give your home an ambience that is at once timeless, yet modern.
  • To highlight particular spaces or features within your interiors or exteriors, for instance to provide a view down into a wine cellar.

Who are our one-panel floors for?

  • Homeowners who want to include a feature that provides a unique aesthetic quality, extending the feel of interior spaces.
  • Architects, designers or home planners looking for the perfect ‘icing on the cake’ for a modern luxury property.

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