opening hinged floor.

There’s no question about it. All of our glass floor panels are elegant. They’re all unique. They’re all designed with the client in mind, and every client is different - some have a need for our more elaborate, complicated designs, while some simply don’t require something quite as complex. These clients tend to prefer our hinged floors.

We believe that sometimes, it’s the little innovations that can make the biggest difference. By combining all the expertise and quality Cantifix are famous for, with a classic and simple design premise, our hinged glass floors were born. They are an ideal choice for an internal or external glass floor that can be easily and swiftly opened to provide a boost of ventilation, without affecting the aesthetic or function of the floor itself. (In fact, they make it look rather exceptional.)

These glass floor panels offer all the ventilation and practical applications of our other glass floor products, but without any unnecessary complication in their design. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it - a hinged panel is a fantastic choice for any design project.

Have a project in mind? Contact us to discuss how to make a hinged glass floor a part of your design.

product details

  • Easily operated by hand, and can be motorised/operated via remote control if required.
  • Can be seamlessly linked with a variety of home automation systems, and smoke/rain detection systems, to facilitate automatic opening and closing in appropriate situations.
  • The hinged section of the panel design also functions as a balustrade to prevent anything or anyone falling into the open space.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes - smaller panels can be easily operated by hand, and larger panels can be installed with motorisation.

Why choose a hinged floor?

  • To add a visually stunning and practical glass feature to your home or property
  • To add a simple and easy way to improve or adjust ventilation to a space as and when needed.
  • To implement all the luxury and quality of a Cantifix solution to your home, without any unnecessary complexity, and whatever your requirements.

Who are our hinged floors for?

  • Homeowners who value simplicity, and ease of use in their home features.
  • Architects, designers or home planners who want to include a glass solution that incorporates easily controlled ventilation.

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