opening pop up floor.

Few of our glass floor products better exemplify the innovation we take such pride in than our opening pop-up floors. Originally inspired by the specific needs of an individual customer, this walk-on glass floor design offers huge versatility not only when it comes to aesthetic quality, but also practicality.

This is most noticeable in the varying levels of ventilation a pop-up floor can provide, and the visually appealing way in which it does so. These elegant walk-on glass panels rise vertically out of the floor. No troublesome manual operation. No greasy hinge systems. Simple, seamless, vertical elevation.

All year round, these floors look stunning, and perform superbly. Imagine, at the flick of a button, raising this floor from below, to invite in a gentle summer breeze. If the weather turns? In moments these walk-on glass floors descend, sealing in the warmth and comfort of your home.

Modern. Innovative. Exceptional. A Cantifix pop-up glass floor is a truly cutting-edge glass solution.

Have a project in mind? Contact us to discuss how to make a pop-up glass floor a part of your design.

product details

  • Allows varying levels of ventilation at the push of a button, and can be raised by up to 100mm.
  • Easily controlled via a wall panel, or for ultimate ease-of use, can be operated by remote control.
  • Can be linked to home automation systems, smoke sensors, and rain detectors, to enable automatic opening and closing; you needn’t lift a finger.
  • Endless customisation - can be fitted with obscured glass for privacy, or clear glass panels to facilitate light transfer.
  • Safe and secure. Anti-slip coating, heat mirror films and more can be applied, and these designs aren’t fragile or delicate - this truly is a walk-on glass floor.

Why Choose a Pop-Up Floor?

  • To make your home a symbol of modern innovation, inviting an ethos of cutting-edge design prowess into your property.
  • To provide a wider variety of ventilation options to your spaces.
  • To increase or improve current floor spaces, adding a stunning visual quality in the process.

Who are our pop-up floors for?

  • Homeowners looking to add a unique quality and aesthetic to their property.
  • Architects or designers who want a modern and innovative walk-on glass floor, and want to factor ventilation into their plans.

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