Cantifix’s glass floors are also some of our most versatile products, and they're a perfect feature for those with a taste for outstanding visuals, and a keen eye for functionality. Our glass floor designs are so much more than simply a pleasant addition to a project: they offer countless benefits both practically and aesthetically.

Demonstrating both strength and beauty, a glass floor provides a highly functional but ornamental addition to any home or commercial setting. Our range extends from small single-panel floors and huge multi-panel installations, through to a number of different opening options, including pop-up, hinged and sliding glass floors.

The options for customisation with a glass floor are endless, and the resulting impact for your property is immeasurable; they can provide your home with ventilation, flood spaces below with natural light, and provide insulation – all while adding inimitable visual refinement.


Fixed Glass Floors

There are many reasons our clients look to invest in an internal walk on glass floor. Some are purely invested in aesthetics, which we can easily accommodate; some want to improve the natural light quality in their interior spaces, which we can also help to achieve. For some clients, however, a walkable glass floor provides an opportunity unlike any other – as a seamless divider between different spaces. We offer a range of glass floor solutions, from structural multi-panels, walk on floors, single panel floors and fire rated floors.

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Opening Glass Floors

Cantifix opening glass floors – with hinged glass floor or retractable glass floor options available is a fantastic addition to any property. By combining all the expertise and quality Cantifix are famous for, with a classic and simple design premise, our opening glass floors were born. They are an ideal choice for an internal or external walk on glass floor that can be easily and swiftly opened to provide a boost of ventilation, or access to other areas, without affecting the aesthetic or function of the floor itself. (In fact, they make it look rather exceptional.)

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