After 30 years at the cutting edge of pioneering structural glazing, Cantifix are proud to offer our most innovative product to date - Solstice Glass. This is the first ever glass offering specifically designed to harness the health benefits of natural light. Available with almost all of our installations, this unique glazing ensures occupants receive all the wellbeing-boosting potential of daylight.

Natural light is one of the fundamental building blocks of our overall health and wellbeing. We need a plentiful supply of it to help our bodies produce vitamin D, and exposure to daylight has been directly linked to a range of health benefits including improved focus and concentration, better sleep and mood, and improved productivity. As many of us adapt to more home-working, ensuring we reap these benefits – particularly in the summer, when daylight is plentiful – will be more important than ever.

While it’s easy to assume that simply having plenty of glass is all that’s required to help us reap the benefits of natural light, there’s more to it than that. The type of glass used in our windows, doors, and more, has a crucial impact on just how beneficial the natural light we’re exposed to is. Not all glass is created equal.

Product Details

  • Our low-iron panels allow for near-perfect clarity, increasing light transmission in the range of 450 to 485 nanometers. Put simply, this not only allows more light through, but specifically more bluelight, which is key to kick starting your body, particularly in the morning, with a positive affect on your alertness and productivity
  • Our glass technology is designed and engineered in house, with a focus on creating beautiful and functional spaces. We utilise the latest scientific evidence to channel the positive effects of natural light, while filtering the harmful aspects that damage your skin and decor
  • Solstice Glass can be used in all manner of ways, to create spaces for working, living, eating, cooking, and more. From floors and doors to roofs and stairs, almost any architectural feature can be improved with the use of Solstice Glass.
  • Our glass panels are also environmentally-friendly, and cost-efficient in the long run. Not only will glass walls or a skylight reduce lighting bills, but an additional layer of solar control laminate in Solstice Glass ensures that heat is properly regulated, reducing heat loss and gain, and ensuring your space remains comfortable and controlled.

Why choose Solstice Glass?

  • Beneficial for health and wellbeing, by harnessing the power of natural light
  • Aesthetically stunning, offering a contemporary and sleek addition to any home or project
  • Creates beautiful, open, light spaces by maximising the amount of daylight in a space

Who is Solstice Glass for?

  • Architects or designers looking to elevate their projects to the next level, by incorporating the latest in glazing technology into their designs
  • Homeowners who want to increase their exposure to natural light, in order to benefit from the huge range of health and wellbeing benefits that come from sunlight

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