Switchable glass is one of the finest examples of innovation that we offer here at Cantifix. The term ‘switchable’ is applied to smart glass when it can alter its properties to adapt to changing demands. As your requirements change throughout your day, our smart glass windows and doors change with them at the push of a button, or the swipe of a phone. This means you never have to choose between two different styles or products. We never want you to feel limited, and our intelligent switchable privacy glass means you won’t have to.

Whether you’re using switchable glass windows for privacy, aesthetics, or safety, your installation can go from being crystal clear one moment, to opaque the next. Switchable glass is an ideal solution for privacy, glare and even security issues. It contains a film of liquid crystal polymers, which is typically inserted between two panes of glass and connected to an electrical current. The glass is clear when switched on and opaque when switched off. This technology can be combined with tinted glass to create a range of effects.

We’re constantly striving to make the impossible a reality – always seeking to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with glazing, and switchable privacy glass and smart glass installations demonstrate this perfectly.

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Product Details

  • Switchable glass panels can go from clear to opaque in a matter of seconds
  • Easily controlled via the push of a button, or can even be integrated with smartphone and tablet technology and controlled remotely
  • Timers can be set to switch glazed windows, doors, and panels when you leave or return home, for privacy and safety

Why choose smart glass windows?

  • To add a unique and incomparably innovative and luxurious quality to your project or property
  • For complete control over the privacy, security and aesthetic of your home or property at all times
  • To feature a glazing installation in your property that can take on two entirely different forms, for different purposes and situations

Who is switchable privacy glass for?

  • Homeowners who appreciate the innovative, modern, and unique – and want to add a touch of the exceptional to their home or property
  • Architects or designers seeking to incorporate a smart glass installation into their next project

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