glass link.

At Cantifix, one of our particular specialities is installing a glazed link between buildings. These visually stunning glass links are some of our most innovative and effective designs, seamlessly connecting two structures in an unobtrusive and elegant fashion. They’re ideal for historical as well as modern buildings, and can highlight the aesthetic integrity of a structure - or completely transform it.

A glazed link between buildings is hugely versatile: they can shelter visitors and inhabitants from the elements as they travel between interiors, or they can link living spaces in seamless luxury, all the while adding an exquisite visual appeal to the exterior spaces. Glass links are also entirely habitable spaces in their own right, providing warmth and comfort, and all the benefits of an all-glass indoor space - natural light floods in, boosting well-being, and even improving circadian rhythms.

A Cantifix glass link is an endlessly versatile installation. They can bring the past, present, and future together in design, creating a practical as well as visually stunning space. They can protect and highlight the finest historical buildings, bring together luxury home interiors, or seamlessly combine modern structures.

From Edwardian Manor houses to luxury city apartments, a glazed link between two structures can provide a link between time, a link between tradition and modernity, and a link between your design vision and reality.

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Glass link extension connection two buildings

For those tasked with working on an historical or listed building, finding a glazing solution which meets regulations can be difficult - but a Cantifix glass link could be the answer. Seamlessly and elegantly combining the old with the new in design, these solutions can highlight the beauty of original structures, while providing a practical glass link between two buildings.

Glass is one of the most sympathetic and versatile materials to bring the old and new together in classic or modern architecture; it can give prominence to traditional features while creating contemporary spaces. Whether it’s a glass corridor, or a small and discreet glass link, our new to old designs can create an almost invisible transition between structures. Linking old buildings with modern designs can present a challenge, but we take the necessary time to design the finest installations imaginable. 

These installations are some of our most refined work, and represent a culmination of our years of experience and expert precision when it comes to glass design. We understand the restrictions in place with older buildings, and will design a solution with you that not only meets requirements, is also aesthetically stunning.

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Modern glass atrium on a rooftop

Many home and property owners have distinct areas that serve different purposes, and with a Cantifix glass link, these can be seamlessly and elegantly integrated. Modern designs and structures aren’t bound by the restrictions and limitations of older buildings, and incorporating a glass link can give you the freedom to unlock the full potential of your property.

A glass link can blend previously divided sections of your home, and transform it into a unified piece of architectural mastery. These glazing solutions, expertly designed and flawlessly executed, create a curtain of daylight, define transitional spaces, and remove the barrier between your interiors and the outside world.

Whatever the scope of your designs, be they subtle or grand, a glazed link between spaces can create a bold statement, or a refined and delicate impression. They are a stunning and innovative way to invite daylight into your home or property, and when placed between two contrasting interior spaces, create a physical narrative, adding a sense of flow to a building. A Cantifix glass link can turn a walk through your property into a journey through elegance.

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atrium inside.
Large glass link atrium

Traditionally, an atrium is an open-air section of a building or property - but with space at a premium, we offer our customers and clients the opportunity to completely transform their properties and home, with a glass roof atrium. These visually compelling and utterly stunning glass solutions create bright and inviting interior spaces, with all the aesthetic elegance of an open atrium, while being completely weather-resistant.

There are few more enticing ways to bring fresh air and natural light into a property that with a glass roof atrium. They provide interior spaces with controllable ventilation, comfort and warmth, and incomparable style and class.  

Our expertise and experience mean that whatever the scale, style, or scope of your designs, we can help you realise them. From small and understated glass enclosures, to huge and elaborate glass domes, a Cantifix glass atrium is a way to seal your vision of luxury and modern architectural excellence into your property.

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