new to new architectural feature.

Many home and property owners have distinct areas that serve different purposes, and with a Cantifix glass link, these can be seamlessly and elegantly integrated. Modern designs and structures aren’t bound by the restrictions and limitations of older buildings, and incorporating a glass link can give you the freedom to unlock the full potential of your property.

A glass link can blend previously divided sections of your home, and transform it into a unified piece of architectural mastery. These glazing solutions, expertly designed and flawlessly executed, create a curtain of daylight, define transitional spaces, and remove the barrier between your interiors and the outside world.

Whatever the scope of your designs, be they subtle or grand, a glazed link between spaces can create a bold statement, or a refined and delicate impression. They are a stunning and innovative way to invite daylight into your home or property, and when placed between two contrasting interior spaces, create a physical narrative, adding a sense of flow to a building. A Cantifix glass link can turn a walk through your property into a journey through elegance.

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product details

  • Comfortable interior climates: with a heat mirror film and low emissivity glass, there’s no need to worry about spaces becoming unbearably hot or cold.
  • Expertly fitted and designed - our years of experience mean that whatever your needs, we can design a glass link that meets them, whatever the scale or complexity.
  • Endlessly versatile - glass links can be simple connecting corridors, or elaborate indoor environments.
  • Sleek and minimal - by combining with ranges like our frameless PureGlaze products, a subtle and refined finish can be achieved.

Why choose a new to new glass link?

  • To provide a modern and impressive flair to your home or property, whether it’s rural or urban.
  • To create a corridor of daylight, and a luxury interior walkway between two other spaces.
  • To incorporate health-boosting natural light into your designs, and create bright and open spaces.

Who are our new to new glass links for?

  • Home or property owners seeking a contemporary and sleek way to link two interior spaces.
  • For designers looking to combine two sections of their structures, in a bold and standout manner, or with a sleek and refined style.
  • Architects searching for ways to link two sections of their designs with a luxurious, practical, and cutting-edge aesthetic.