new to old architectural feature.

For those tasked with working on an historical or listed building, finding a glazing solution which meets regulations can be difficult - but a Cantifix glass link could be the answer. Seamlessly and elegantly combining the old with the new in design, these solutions can highlight the beauty of original structures, while providing a practical glass link between two buildings.

Glass is one of the most sympathetic and versatile materials to bring the old and new together in classic or modern architecture; it can give prominence to traditional features while creating contemporary spaces. Whether it’s a glass corridor, or a small and discreet glass link, our new to old designs can create an almost invisible transition between structures. Linking old buildings with modern designs can present a challenge, but we take the necessary time to design the finest installations imaginable. 

These installations are some of our most refined work, and represent a culmination of our years of experience and expert precision when it comes to glass design. We understand the restrictions in place with older buildings, and will design a solution with you that not only meets requirements, is also aesthetically stunning.

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product details

  • Glass links can be combined with moving or opening elements, for practical as well as visual applications. Our PureGlaze range, with its concealed, frameless design, is particularly effective for achieving a minimal appearance.
  • Visually unobtrusive: elegant and carefully designed glazing systems can create a seamless, ‘invisible’ effect, ensuring original aesthetics are preserved.
  • Heat mirror film and low emissivity glass ensure interior spaces don’t become too hot or cold, preserve old structures, and maintain a pleasant interior climate, regardless of weather.
  • Versatile - old to new glass links can be small or large, simple or elaborate, and are custom-designed to suit your specifics need.
  • Intricately designed - particular care is taken in designing glass links for older buildings, to ensuring the frame is fixed to the original buildings in a precise and reliable way.

Why Choose a New to Old Glass Link?

  • To provide a practical and usable space link between two buildings, while ensuring older architecture is preserved and maintained.
  • To highlight or draw attention to particular elements of a listed or classic building, in a visually unobtrusive and appealing way.
  • To add a modern element to a traditional structure, while meeting any applicable regulations or restrictions.

Who are our new to old glass links for?

  • Architects or designers working with historical or listed buildings, who need to consider regulations when sourcing new glass installations.
  • Designers who want a practical, yet visually stunning installation.
  • Home or property developers looking to add a modern flair to a classic or historical building or structure.