One of the most effective and popular ways to improve your home is with a glass roof. Cantifix are proud to offer a range of roof glass solutions which are not only expertly designed and installed, but utterly luxurious and aspirational. Our glass roof systems are a practical and visually elegant addition to a home or commercial property.

Modern glazing technology has come a long way, and using cutting-edge techniques we’re now able to design and install completely seamless, frameless glass roofs. This enables our clients to reap all the benefits of natural light, and to enjoy totally unobstructed views of the outdoors, which only a glazed roof system can provide.

When you add a glass roof, natural light cascades into your property, reducing electricity costs and providing you with a host of wellbeing benefits. The gentle warmth of the sun emanates through the roof above, ensuring your interior retains a tranquil temperature. Workspaces, kitchens and other living areas are transformed, helping your home or property achieve a timeless quality.

We offer both fixed and opening roof glazing systems - Imagine the soft breeze keeping your home ventilated on those sunny days when you can prop these stunning glass roofs open; picture how a fixed glazed roof panel could transform your interiors, completely revolutionising the look and feel of your home.

With multiple designs and installations available, from single roof panels all the way to fixed supported glazing, a Cantifix rooflight is more than just a window to the outside, it’s a window into a life of modern luxury. 

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A single panel sliding glass roof

We want our clients to be able to get the most out of their glazing solutions. Always. With a sliding glass roof, we give the control back to you, and open the door to almost limitless potential for your home.

From single panel opening roofs, to entire sliding glass canopy systems, a Cantifix sliding roof is the ultimate in modern technology, and seamless luxury.

Our clients rest easy in the knowledge that our custom glass roofs feature unobstructed views - regardless of whether the window is open or closed.

With the potential for combination with our other products, including our fixed roof glazing, and with a wide variety of control and design options, the possibilities are nearly endless. Breathe new life into your property with a sliding glass roof.

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An opening hinged glass roof

While some of our clients are looking for complex, intricate designs to help them achieve their vision (which we happily accommodate), sometimes it's the simple, the traditional, and the timeless that can help transform a home.

For clients seeking an elegant and minimalistic roof glazing solution, we offer a variety of large, and small, hinged glass roof options. These products can really elevate a room or space, and help your home to breathe.

For those warm summer afternoons, a Cantifix hinged roof can be quickly and easily opened to invite in a cooling breeze, and remotely closed again from the comfort of a warm bed come evening.

Our hinged roofs are an elegant and luxurious glazing solution; they can help you breathe fresh air from the comfort of your interiors, inviting the outside world in, as and when you desire.

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Glass roof panels and roof glazing systems

We love the word innovation. It’s at the heart of everything we do, and often, the most innovative products and solutions we create come about as the result of our work with you, the client. Our Opening Pop-up Roofs are an example of this.

One of our clients wanted complete control over the amount of ventilation their Cantifix product would give them, and so we designed these inspiring glass roof systems. These luxury skylights are not only elegant and visually magnificent, but entirely customisable and controllable; they can be opened vertically to varying degrees, to cool your property with a gentle summer breeze, or keep out the winter chill.

Innovation doesn’t just stop in the design of these glass roof systems however, it extends to their use. These bespoke skylights can even be used as walk-on glass floors, and can be coated with both hydrophobic and anti-slip coatings for safety.

Our opening pop-up roofs can make sure the air in your home, as well as its aesthetic, is always fresh and inviting.

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one panel roof.
A single panel frameless glass roof

At Cantifix, we know that often, the most elegant designs are the simplest. Bearing this in mind, when it comes to our glass roof panes, it’s not surprising that our single panel roof is the product we install most frequently.

With Cantifix products, simplicity isn’t synonymous with a lack of inspiration - it denotes refinement, subtlety, or a clear, bold statement. Many of our clients have a single purpose in mind for their solution; often this is to flood their property with natural light, or to provide a stunning, crystal clear view of the sky. They have no need for complex, multi-part designs with motors or additional functionality.

These clients regularly choose our one panel roofs, as they’re the easiest way to realise your dreams, with no unnecessary hassle.  Natural light will cascade into your home, extending the feel and aesthetic of your living or working spaces.

If you have a single purpose for your glazing solution, then a single panel could be the best choice. Our one panel roofs are bold in their simplicity, and timeless in their execution.

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A glass building extension, with a multi-panel glass roof

We understand that every property is unique, every design is unique, and every client’s vision is unique. We proudly offer a variety of glazing solutions to make your dream designs a reality, and we don’t just offer the highest quality glass roof designs - we offer unique roof designs. For larger projects, our multi panel roofs present stunning potential.

Our multi panel roofs are almost limitless in scope, and offer countless opportunities for customisation. You might want to include a crystal-clear lane of glass skylights along a hallway or kitchen, to boost natural light and wellbeing; alternatively, you might desire a more aesthetically striking design, with angled glass panels creating a ‘corrugated’ effect.

You should never have to settle when it comes to your home, your design, or your property. If the glass roof you envision needs to cover a larger amount of space, we can make it happen with a multi-panel roof. From a simple double-panel design for studies and reading rooms, to building-length glass roofs which mean your property always has access to natural light - these unique roof designs can bring your design dreams to life.

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We are always looking for ways to ensure our clients achieve their vision. The nature of what we do is centred around the principle of support - helping you realising your vision, and opening the door to entirely new possibilities.

Seamless, uninterrupted views can be endlessly appealing, but are also somewhat restrictive in the designs they can accommodate - a supported glass roof isn’t restricted in this way. The supports and beams, as well as the joints, can be customised, and the result is an almost limitless variety of combinations, shapes, sizes and styles. Junctions can even be concealed, so if subtle elegance is to your taste, we can work this into the design.

These supported roof solutions are, as with all of our glazing options, luxurious, elegant and timeless. They’re also perfect for more grandiose or elaborate designs - you shouldn’t have to compromise on scope or scale in a project, and with our supported glass roofs you won’t have to.

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Product offers minimally framed rooflight options that are all designed and installed with the well-known and accredited standards of Cantifix, providing quality and precision. The range adds style and maximises the light and space in any property to ensure its features and surroundings can be fully enjoyed.

This is our first designer rooflight product portfolio available to consultants as a standard "plug and play" rooflight option, enabling a more efficient and economical solution for consultants’ demands.

Our seamless and frameless glass roofs will be showcased at Battersea Power Station, where Cantifix have been commissioned to install over 60 expertly designed rooflights to unlock the daylight in the project’s luxury, high-end properties and indeed in the three iconic wash towers themselves. is fully CE Marked – with performance tested on weather-proofing, fragility, security and acoustic. It is also compliant with Building Regulations Approved Document Q.

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