opening pop up roof.

We love the word innovation. It’s at the heart of everything we do, and often, the most innovative products and solutions we create come about as the result of our work with you, the client. Our Opening Pop-up Roofs are an example of this.

One of our clients wanted complete control over the amount of ventilation their Cantifix product would give them, and so we designed these inspiring glass roof systems. These luxury skylights are not only elegant and visually magnificent, but entirely customisable and controllable; they can be opened vertically to varying degrees, to cool your property with a gentle summer breeze, or keep out the winter chill.

Innovation doesn’t just stop in the design of these glass roof systems however, it extends to their use. These bespoke skylights can even be used as walk-on glass floors, and can be coated with both hydrophobic and anti-slip coatings for safety.

Our opening pop-up roofs can make sure the air in your home, as well as its aesthetic, is always fresh and inviting.

product details


  • Our opening pop-up roofs provide excellent customisable ventilation, and can be raised by anything up to 100mm
  • Fully automated design, which can be operated completely remotely via wall panel or remote control for total ease of use
  • Can be integrated with alarm or rain-detection systems, anti-slip coatings, as well as Ritec, a hydrophobic coating which reduces maintenance and cleaning requirements
  • Low-E glass gently heats the room below with sunlight, while ensuring spaces don’t overheat or lose warmth


Why choose our opening pop-up roofs?


  • For ultimate versatility in your property, while still including the luxury style and design of all Cantifix solutions
  • To provide your home or design with improved and controllable ventilation, without sacrificing any visual quality
  • To reduce heating costs, and become less dependent on expensive heating systems through natural sun-heating


Who are our opening pop-up roofs for?


  • Architects and designers looking for a luxury glass roof system which factors in ventilation and air quality
  • Property owners seeking a stylish, elegant and practical way to improve natural light in their space
  • For homeowners who appreciate innovation, and want an uninterrupted view of the sky

Want to know more?

Here is a video for details that images can’t always capture.