Modern glazing technology has come a long way, and using cutting-edge techniques we’re now able to design and install completely frameless glass roofs that not only look amazing but also offer a host of wellbeing benefits too.

Glass roofs are primarily about letting natural light into a space, but our solutions are versatile – for example, opening rooflights can pop-up for simple ventilation, whilst sliding or hinged solutions can provide ventilation or access to roof terraces. With multiple designs and installations available, from single roof panels all the way to multi-panel 12m behemoths, a Cantifix rooflight is more than just a window to the outside, it’s a window into a life of modern luxury.

When used to harness natural light, the benefits of a rooflight are manifold, including better wellbeing, cheaper heating and lighting bills and more well-regulated sleep.


Sky by Cantifix

Sky By Cantifix is Cantifix’s first designer rooflight product portfolio available to consultants as a standard “plug and play”, offering all the luxury and elegance of a bespoke glass roof with the well-known and accredited standards of Cantifix, providing quality, precision, and reliability – in a refined, accommodating design. This range of glass roofs adds style and maximises the light and space in any property, ensuring its features and surroundings can be optimally enjoyed.

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Opening Glass Roofs

It’s easy to see why retractable roofs and opening glazed roof systems are among some of Cantifix’s most popular solutions. They offer unparalleled versatility both practically and aesthetically, enabling homeowners, architects, and contractors to transform their residential and commercial spaces and redefine the visual and practical potential of their interiors.

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Fixed Glass Roofs

Glass rooflights are some of the most effective installations for flooding a space with natural light in an affordable, environmentally-conscious manner. Cantifix glazed roofs come in two varieties – fixed, and opening. Our fixed glass roofs remain some of our most popular solutions for architects, contractors and homeowners – and their transformative power in an architectural design is hard to match.

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