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Glass rooflights are some of the most effective installations for flooding a space with natural light in an affordable, environmentally-conscious manner. Cantifix glazed roofs come in two varieties - fixed, and opening. Our fixed glass roofs remain some of our most popular solutions for architects, contractors and homeowners - and their transformative power in an architectural design is hard to match.

Our fixed glass rooflights are almost limitless in scope, offering countless opportunities for customisation. They’re available in both single and multiple glass panel varieties, and as they don’t require motors or other mechanics, they can be designed and installed to almost any size and style. Our in-house engineers design fixed glazed roofs specifically for our clients’ spaces, ensuring every design is optimised, elegant, and unique.

Fixed glass rooflights can include everything from crystal-clear lanes of skylights along hallways or kitchens, to bold, single-frame rooflights to provide a view of the sky above. Cantifix works with both residential and commercial architects to design and install fixed glass rooflights for everything from home extensions to university libraries – and with our Solstice Glass technology, these solutions offer all the wellbeing benefits of unfiltered natural light.

Product Details

  • Single or multi-frame varieties of glass rooflight available
  • Cantifix’s in-house design engineering team custom design every fixed rooflight.
  • State-of-the-art silicone bonding for a completely air and water-tight finish
  • Incredible strength: roof panels can be fitted at almost any angle, remaining securely suspended even at steep slopes over 45 degrees
  • Glass rooflights can be coated with Ritec, a hydrophobic coating which reduces the need for cleaning
  • Almost any size available: our largest single panel roof is currently a spectacular 6m by 3.1m

Why choose a cantifix fixed glass rooflight?

  • To flood an interior space with natural light
  • To minimise electricity costs during daylight hours
  • To add simple but distinct elegance to a home or commercial property
  • For the visual benefits of a rooflight when there is no opening requirement
  • Supply users of a space with the wellbeing benefits of natural light

Who are our fixed glass rooflights for?

  • Homeowners seeking to improve or extend their home in luxury style
  • Architects and designers working on large projects, seeking efficient ways to including large glass rooflights
  • Property owners looking for a way to increase natural light in their home
  • Contractors sourcing high-end glass rooflights for luxury and high-end commercial or residential properties

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