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Retractable, Sliding, & Opening Glass Roofs


It’s easy to see why retractable roofs and opening glazed roof systems are among some of Cantifix’s most popular solutions. They offer unparalleled versatility both practically and aesthetically, enabling homeowners, architects, and contractors to transform their residential and commercial spaces and redefine the visual and practical potential of their interiors.

An opening glass roof from Cantifix is a unique installation – no two designs are the same, and our in-house engineers and R&D team work to ensure every solution is perfect for every project. We offer sliding glass roofs, retractable roofs, hinged roofs, and even fully automated pop-up roofs – these solutions can provide ventilation or access to exterior spaces, and flood the space below with uninterrupted natural light.

All of our retractable and opening glass roofs are designed and installed by Cantifix’s award-winning team of specialists, and come with our decades of experience, supply chain expertise, and leading aftercare. Our glass roofs can be constructed as walking surfaces, and can feature our innovative Solstice Glass technology (which offers the benefits of unfiltered natural light) and more. Easily integrated into all kinds of commercial and residential designs, our opening glass roofs are an elegant lifetime investment in glazing excellence.

Product Details

  • Minimal, unobtrusive opening mechanisms
  • Can be fully automated and remotely controlled
  • Can be integrated with a wide range of safety features & systems.
  • Hinged, sliding, and pop-up varieties available
  • Can be fully integrated with our additional features including hydrophobic coating and smoke- or rain-detection systems.

Why choose a Cantifix opening glass roof?

  • Versatility in the practical design of a space
  • To provide an interior space with improved and controllable ventilation, without sacrificing any visual quality
  • To reduce heating costs, and become less dependent on expensive heating systems through controlled solar-heating

Who are our opening glass roofs for?

  • Architects and designers looking for a glazing solutions which balances ventilation or access with visual quality
  • Property owners seeking a stylish, elegant and practical way to improve natural light and ventilation in their space
  • Contractors and architects who appreciate innovation, and want to transform their projects
  • Homeowners who want an uninterrupted view of the sky, and to reap the benefits of natural light

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