Vertical and horizontal glazing can be combined in an almost limitless variety of configurations to create a range of different glass structures - be they frameless links between historic buildings, glazed kitchen extensions, infills in side returns or even a house made entirely of glass or a two-storey glass bridge. Cantifix can make the unimaginable come to life, and we consistently help our clients’ dreams become a reality.

With most of our installations, we use structural silicone bonding to create a seamless joint between panels, creating lightweight, frameless structures that harness the power of natural light while making the most of the view. Glass structures can incorporate any number of our bespoke products, from opening roofs for ventilation and access to roof terraces to Sky-Frame sliding doors to allow the outside in and create seamless indoor/outdoor connections.

These innovative glass solutions can be used in almost any situation, from residential use in a historic stately home to sleek, modern affairs or in commercial settings; from high-end Central London office blocks to rural, luxury hotels. They can protect and highlight the finest historical buildings, bring together luxury home interiors, or seamlessly combine modern structures


Glass Extensions

Home is where the heart is. And with more people using their homes in more varied ways than ever before, homes need to work harder, as people work, live and eat all within one space. This is where a glass extension can help. Cantifix glass extensions offer  unlimited new visual and practical potential to a space, and ensure your property is the perfect environment in which to work, cook, or relax and unwind.

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Glass Atriums

With space at a premium, Cantifix glass atriums offer our clients the opportunity to completely transform their commercial and residential properties. These visually stunning glass solutions create bright and inviting interior spaces, while being completely weather-resistant, with the installation of a custom glass atrium roof.

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Glass Links

Glass links are a fantastic way to seamlessly connect the old with the new. Glass is one of the most sympathetic and versatile materials to bring the old and new together in classic or modern architecture; it can give prominence to traditional features while creating contemporary spaces. Whether it’s a glass link corridor, or a small and discreet glass link, our new to old designs can create an almost invisible transition between structures. Linking old buildings with modern designs can present a challenge, but we take the necessary time to design the finest installations imaginable.

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Glass Staircases

A glass staircase represents the ultimate in glazed luxury. One of the many reasons our clients choose Cantifix is because our installations are all completely unique – and our glazed staircases are no exception. Whether you’re an architect seeking a beautiful glazed addition to a contemporary interior space or conversion, or a homeowner looking to transform their property, a glass staircase from Cantifix is a way to ensure your design is a glass step above the rest.

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Photon Space

The Photon Space is the result of years of intensive scientific research. This self-contained, standalone all glass house has been designed to maximise wellbeing, and help us reconnect with the natural world.

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