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With space at a premium, Cantifix glass atriums offer our clients the opportunity to completely transform their commercial and residential properties. These visually stunning glass solutions create bright and inviting interior spaces, while being completely weather-resistant, with the installation of a custom glass atrium roof.

Glass atriums have evolved to acclimatise to the UK’s climate and weather conditions (as well as the advent of modern glass and iron manufacturing techniques in the 19th century), and the term ‘glass atrium’ now generally refers to an open covered area with a glazed roof. There are few more enticing ways to bring fresh air and natural light into a property than with this kind of glass atrium: they provide interior spaces with controllable ventilation, comfort and warmth, and incomparable style and class.

Our expertise and experience mean that whatever the scale, style, or scope of your designs, we can help you realise them. From small and understated glass enclosures, to huge and elaborate glass domes, a Cantifix glass atrium is a way to seal your vision of luxury and modern architectural excellence into your property. Have a project in mind? Contact us to discuss how to make a glass atrium extension a part of your design.

Product Details

  • Weatherproof: a glass roof atrium creates a space that can be enjoyed year round, regardless of the weather.
  • Endlessly versatile: by combining your glass atrium roof extension with opening sections, you can easily control ventilation, and even turn an enclosed space into an open-air courtyard at the touch of a button.
  • Can be combined with a host of our other products, including structural glass, steel, or aluminium beams, and our opening glass roofs.
  • Designs can be customised to meet all kinds of design needs, and suit almost any taste – from simple glass enclosed spaces to elaborate glazed domes.

Why choose a glass atrium?

  • To incorporate an open and airy space into your home or property, while ensuring it can be used year round, and regardless of weather.
  • To extend the usable spaces of your home or property in modern and luxury style.
  • To flood your interior spaces with natural light, and create a welcoming and appealing indoor environment.
  • To add a stunning and modern flair to your home or property, along with endless customisation and practicality.

Who are glass atriums for?

  • Clients looking for a way to incorporate the open-air feel of an atrium or courtyard, to an interior space, through a glass system.
  • Architects or designers working with a property or building with an open section, or who are trying to extend the usable interior spaces of a home.
  • Home or property owners who desire a custom glass solution which exudes elegance, refinement and luxury, while providing a usable practical space which floods their home with natural light.

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