Glass Structures

Glass Extensions


Whatever you decide to use your new living space for, we ensure that the design meets your exact needs and requirements - and as with all Cantifix products, the results aren’t just practical, but visually breathtaking.

Whether it’s a small addition to a corner of your property, or a grand glass enclosure, with Cantifix the only limits are your imagination. All of our modern glass house designs are bespoke and entirely customisable, and give our clients the chance to experience true luxury. Seamless, uninterrupted views, cutting-edge glass technology, and elegant designs – Cantifix can help you turn your home into a work of art.

Product Details

  • Custom designed and built to your exact specifications, whether it’s a small focussed space or a large multi-use environment. Glass doors, roof panels, and walls can be combined to create an elegant luxury environment, designed to meet your exact needs.
  • Increases the amount of available living space on any scale, and for any purpose, through contemporary glass house design.
  • Regulates and maintains a consistent interior climate, with ventilation and insulation available as design options.
  • Glass styles and textures can be implemented in a variety of ways, including transparent, translucent, and even opaque options, for privacy or visual impact.
  • Bathes work surfaces, counters and dining areas in natural light, boosting physical and psychological wellbeing.
  • Adds seamless accessibility between your kitchen, living or work space and outdoor spaces, with sliding glass doors and other features linking the two effortlessly.

Why choose a glass extension?

  • For the perfect home working environment, a glass office offers some of the most effective and noticeable benefits.
  • A stunning visual addition to any home, a contemporary glass house extension from Cantifix adds a luxury aesthetic quality to your property, with breathtaking results.
  • With bespoke features custom-designed with your exact needs in mind, these glass house features are some of the very finest living spaces imaginable.
  • Seamlessly integrate inside and outside spaces, adding a modern and stylish update of the traditional link between kitchen and garden.

Who are glass extensions for?

  • Homeowners looking to extend their property in luxury style, and want to use their new space as a living area, new kitchen area, or as a dedicated office space for those working from home
  • Architects or designers working on projects with a need for additional space, with a focus on modern luxury aesthetic and cutting edge designs, with a modern style and luxury aesthetic in mind.