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All Glass House: The Photon Space


The Photon Space is the result of years of intensive scientific research. This self-contained, standalone all glass house has been designed to maximise wellbeing, and help us reconnect with the natural world.

At Cantifix, we believe in the importance of our living spaces on our wellbeing. To maximise our wellbeing and health, we need natural light. Our bodies thrive on it; it’s our primary source of Vitamin D, and it governs our circadian rhythms, hormone cycles and sleep patterns. All of our products enable homeowners to bathe their properties in natural light, but we wanted to go further. We started asking questions, like ‘could we design more than just a window, floor, roof or door? Could we use the technology we’ve developed to create an entirely glass living space, a glass home?’

With this in mind, we sponsored Oxford University to undertake further research on participants living in a Photon Space glass house, built on the Danish island of Bornholm. This is the first time research into the effects of daylight on our biology, and sleep/wake cycles has been collected from participants in their living environment – the results are expected to be extremely valuable, and we’re proud to be a part of this innovation.

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Product Details

  • Since it was built on the Danish island of Bornholm, the Photon Space has become one of the key innovations at The Green Solution House. Described as a ‘modern glass home’, this has only been possible as a result of the wealth of experience, innovation, and expert-knowledge Cantifix have accumulated over the past three decades.
  • Without the scheme, Oxford University would not have been able to conduct such in-depth research into the effects of daylight on human biology, particularly our sleep/wake cycle. This is the first time that research has collected evidence from participants in their living environment, so the results are expected to be extremely valuable.

Photon Space features

  • Featuring 60 square metres of glass, and premium performance triple-glazed units, the panels are bonded to curved glass beams, ensuring a consistent and temperate interior climate, no matter the weather, or global location.
  • The Photon Space truly is a glass home. Containing a kitchen, living space, bathroom and bedroom, this isn’t a simple extension – it’s a self-contained, stand-alone living space. There are few better ways to experience the kind of lifestyle our biology is designed for, with all the conveniences and comforts of modern luxury, than in the Photon Space.

Who is the Photon Space for?

  • In short, everyone. The Photon Space is a solution in our search for simplicity, and balance. It offers a way of living that is incomparable to other projects – it gives us the chance to live in a natural, responsive way, it reconnects us with the natural world, and it’s a place of comfort and inspiration.
  • Designed to enhance feelings of relaxation, recuperation and rejuvenation, the Photon Space reminds us to appreciate where we are, as we dream about where we might be going.

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