Our glass technology solutions range from the aesthetic to the highly practical and can be used across our range of bespoke products.

At Cantifix, we use advanced tools and harness cutting edge technological developments to find new ways to make our clients’ inspirations a reality – creating not just an installation of exemplary construction or decorative architectural glass, but a work of glazing innovation too.

Our most commonly used technology is low-iron glass, which increases the clarity of glass, minimising disruption to your views and increasing natural light for improved wellbeing. Meanwhile, switchable and heated glass make glazing an active part of your home, offering privacy or a little extra warmth at the touch of a button. Discover more about our technology below:


Curved Glass

Our frameless glass walls are beautiful in themselves, but introducing curved elements to frameless glazing elevate them from an elegant, timeless solution to pieces of structural art. Completely bespoke, our curved glass installations quite literally offer another dimension of refinement and style to our projects.

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Switchable Glass

Switchable glass is one of the finest examples of innovation that we offer here at Cantifix. The term ‘switchable’ is applied to smart glass when it can alter its properties to adapt to changing demands. As your requirements change throughout your day, our smart glass windows and doors change with them at the push of a button, or the swipe of a phone. This means you never have to choose between two different styles or products. We never want you to feel limited, and our intelligent switchable privacy glass means you won’t have to.

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Glass Swimming Pool Enclosures

While a fully glazed swimming pool enclosure can be an elegant and impressive feature in a property, getting the detailing and materials right needs some thought. With a combination of humid air, the strong possibility that your glass will get wet and huge temperature changes between the pool space and adjacent areas, designing and building swimming pool glazing can be something of a challenge and requires both specialist knowledge and the right materials and products.

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Solstice Glass

After 30 years at the cutting edge of pioneering structural glazing, Cantifix are proud to offer our most innovative product to date – Solstice Glass. This is the first ever glass offering specifically designed to harness the health benefits of natural light. Available with almost all of our installations, this unique glazing ensures occupants receive all the wellbeing-boosting potential of daylight.

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