glass technology.

Every day, advances in nanotechnology are bringing new glazing products to the market.

The choice is now greater than ever – which means that our customers need expert advice to secure the latest and best technologies for their projects. These will mostly fall into three categories:

COMFORT: to ensure the space behind it consistently remains at a comfortable temperature, yourglazing will almost always require innovative insulation (measured by u-value) and protection against solar radiation (measured by g-value).

FEATUREtoday, traditional flat, transparent panes have evolved into translucent, tinted, and even textured glazing. Whether its purpose is aesthetic, practical, or for added privacy, we can help you consider which specialist product is best for your project.

STRENGTHWith huge advances in engineering, the number of applications for glass is now huge. Toughening, heat-soaking, heat-strengthening and laminating can be combined with different glass thicknesses to create almost anything you can dream of.

Insulated glass doesn't just add an aesthetic element to a property, it's endlessly practical too. Almost all glazing solutions will need some kind of insulation, to help reduce heat loss and ensuring a space remains at a consistent temperature. At Cantifix we take great pride in making sure our products suit your needs, and our elegant and innovative insulated glass designs mean you won’t have to sacrifice comfort in your home.

Whether it’s a single insulated glass panel, or an elaborate extension, we offer a range of solutions - from films and coatings to triple-glazing - to ensure your interior spaces feel as good as they look. The days of icy windows and cold conservatories are over, and our insulated glass panels and products mean that whatever your visions for your property, we can help you achieve them in total comfort. 

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Glass installations don’t just make a home look stunning - they can also contribute to the interior environment. A key consideration in any glazing design is ‘solar gain’, essentially, using the sun's energy to help raise or maintain the temperature inside.

One of the great benefits of our thermal glass technology is the fine balance it strikes between ensuring a room is warmed by the sun, but never overheats. A common problem is allowing too much heat into a space (warming up a room like a greenhouse), but using our years of expertise and industry leading technology, we ensure that the ambient temperature is carefully balanced for both comfort and efficiency.

Harnessing the energy from natural sunlight is a fantastic way to potentially save on expensive heating bills, and with our thermal glass solution you can enjoy complete comfort all year round.

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Switchable glass might be the best example of the spirit of innovation at the heart of everything Cantifix do. The term ‘switchable’ is applied to glass when it can alter its properties to adapt to changing demands. As your requirements change throughout your day, our smart glass windows and doors change with them at the push of a button, or the swipe of a phone. This means you never have to choose between two different styles or products. We never want you to feel limited, and our intelligent switchable glass means you won’t have to.

Whether you're using switchable glass for privacy, aesthetics, or safety, your installation can go from being crystal clear one moment, to opaque the next. With our smart glass windows and doors, and all of our switchable glass solutions, the only limit to their potential is your imagination. 

We're constantly striving to make the impossible a reality - always seeking to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with glazing, and switchable glass and smart glass installations demonstrate this perfectlty. 

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At Cantifix, we want our clients to experience the exceptional, and we don’t want you to feel restricted in what you can achieve in your designs and projects. Glass is beautiful in its humble, clear simplicity, but this doesn’t mean it has to be plain. With our years of expertise, and advances in technology, we can offer translucent, tinted, and even textured glass - to make your property, home, or project one of a kind.

Translucent glazing can open a world of possibilities in a design; it can be used practically and aesthetically, to provide privacy and intrigue, and it can put a personal or branded stamp onto a physical space. Whatever your requirements, Cantifix take pride in working with you to understand your goals, and designing the perfect glass solution for you.

As daylight wanes, the light and shadow cast through a translucent glass panel takes on new forms, and they can be designed in a way that completely transforms an interior or exterior space. As climates, weather, and lighting shift, the overall effect of translucent glazing shifts along with them, giving your property or project a living quality quite unlike any other. 

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In today’s digital world where everything is seemingly “on show”, privacy has arguably become more important than ever. Whether it’s at home or work, the space between rooms, structures and buildings can often provide us with the opportunity for some respite - a sanctuary where we can either focus, or relax.

Advances in glass technology, combined with over three decades of cutting-edge glazing experience has enabled us to offer a range of luxury glass solutions that offers the privacy you need, while also looking stylish and elegant.

Working with you to understand your exact requirements and design needs, we can create frosted glass and translucent glass installations in a number of exciting, inspiring and visually breathtaking ways. The result is a solution that offers you all of the luxury of a Cantifix installation, with all the benefits of quality structural glazing.

With an almost limitless number of possibilities in terms of aesthetic, shape, and size, whatever your needs, our frosted glass architecture can help you meet them. The solution might be clear, but the glass doesn’t have to be - our translucent glass is the answer to privacy in any design. 

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A glass installation, whether it’s small and subtle, or elaborate and bold, is an expression of your tastes, style, and personality - for your home, or as a brand. Your project is a way to say something, and whatever that may be, your Cantifix solution is always a uniquely individual choice. We give our clients the chance to indulge in this individuality, and offer a range of ways - from decorative architectural glass to Digiprint laminate designs - to personalise your glazing.

Innovation and imagination are intrinsically linked, and at the heart of everything we do is a spirit of creativity. We want you to share this experience throughout the design process, and by using advanced tools, and harnessing cutting-edge technological developments, we can work with you to embrace your inspiration. Cantifix will help you to find ways to make your installation not just a piece of exemplary construction or decorative architectural glass - but a work of art, too. 

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Modern architectural glass is regularly put through its paces. Architects, property owners and designers don’t just want installations that look and perform superbly, they want to be free of restrictions, and be able to design almost anything they can think of. Our high-strength laminated glass makes this desire a reality, and enables us to design some of the most elaborate and demanding installations available.

The security, strength, and safety of our installations is always paramount, and using heat strengthened glass and toughened panels, lamination can provide the sturdiness and strength required by complicated glazing projects. Advances in glass engineering have greatly expanded the way we can use glass, and from walk-on floors to entirely glazed staircases and balustrades, our laminated solutions mean that you won’t need to worry about strength and security when you’re designing your projects.

By bonding multiple sheets of toughened glass together, we can ensure that even in the unlikely scenario that a glass panel broke, it would remain held together, and wouldn’t shatter. Some of our laminates are even strong enough that they’d be able to take considerable loads in this situation. If you need a glass installation that’s not only aesthetically elegantly designed, but strong and secure, then our heat strengthened glass laminates are the solution. 

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Bringing things together is a large part of what Cantifix do. We bring together the dreams our clients have for their homes and properties, with the physical installations that help them realise their visions. We bring together architects and designers with property owners, and help them create successful working partnerships. And on practical terms, we physically bring together the panels of glass that form our products and installations - and we do this using cutting-edge technology.

Our glass installations often involve a variety of materials, including stainless steel, but using industry-leading ultraviolet techniques, we’re able to join the edges of two sheets of glass. The design potential is almost unlimited, and you won’t be forced to settle for frames and structures that are at odds with your aesthetic plans. Using this technology, we can create entire glass staircases, and even ground-breaking installations like our invisible corner.

Arguably the greatest appeal of our bonded glass panels is that they enable designers, architects, and homeowners to create completely seamless installations. Rather than having to factor in cumbersome metal joinery, glass can be fused with glass. Our bonding technology enables us not only to bring glazed panels together, but in doing so, bring you closer to your dream designs.  

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While aesthetic is often a priority in our designs, and we aim to ensure all of our projects are visually stunning, this should never come at the cost of safety and security. Cantifix work tirelessly to ensure that all of our products are safe, secure, and consistently reliable.

Using the most groundbreaking, innovative technology and design techniques, we’re able to offer a comprehensive range of security options with our high end glazing solutions. Whether it’s simply for peace of mind, or a fully-integrated security measure, we use a variety of solutions including bomb-proofing, bulletproof glass, and anti-bandit technology to ensure that your family, business, or property remain as protected as can be. 

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