Bringing things together is a large part of what Cantifix do. We bring together the dreams our clients have for their homes and properties, with the physical installations that help them realise their visions. We bring together architects and designers with property owners, and help them create successful working partnerships. And on practical terms, we physically bring together the panels of glass that form our products and installations - and we do this using cutting-edge technology.

Our glass installations often involve a variety of materials, including stainless steel, but using industry-leading ultraviolet techniques, we’re able to join the edges of two sheets of glass. The design potential is almost unlimited, and you won’t be forced to settle for frames and structures that are at odds with your aesthetic plans. Using this technology, we can create entire glass staircases, and even ground-breaking installations like our invisible corner.

Arguably the greatest appeal of our bonded glass panels is that they enable designers, architects, and homeowners to create completely seamless installations. Rather than having to factor in cumbersome metal joinery, glass can be fused with glass. Our bonding technology enables us not only to bring glazed panels together, but in doing so, bring you closer to your dream designs.  

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product details

  • Increases the number of design options available, allowing for panels to be bonded with one another, removing the need for additional framing
  • Can also be used between different materials, such as glass and stainless steel
  • Uses innovative ultraviolet bonding techniques for a minimal finish

Why choose our bonded glass panels?

  • For a completely uninterrupted glazing installation, that floods your home with natural light, or invites the outside indoors
  • For projects where minimal glazing is required, such as listed or historical buildings
  • To transform your property in seamless, elegant style, with a refined and innovative installation

Who are our bonded glass panels for?

  • Homeowners looking to add a taste of true luxury to their home design, with completely frameless or minimal glazing
  • Architects or designers working on a listed or historical building, who need glazing that’s unobtrusive and refined
  • Homeowners looking to add a distinctive and personal flair to their property, through an unusual and unique glass installation