comfort solar gain.

Glass installations don’t just make a home look stunning - they can also contribute to the interior environment. A key consideration in any glazing design is ‘solar gain’, essentially, using the sun's energy to help raise or maintain the temperature inside.

One of the great benefits of our thermal glass technology is the fine balance it strikes between ensuring a room is warmed by the sun, but never overheats. A common problem is allowing too much heat into a space (warming up a room like a greenhouse), but using our years of expertise and industry leading technology, we ensure that the ambient temperature is carefully balanced for both comfort and efficiency.

Harnessing the energy from natural sunlight is a fantastic way to potentially save on expensive heating bills, and with our thermal glass solution you can enjoy complete comfort all year round.

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product details

  • Wide variety of films, coatings, and other solutions to ensure your thermal glass meets your requirements
  • Various design options that consider shading, to ensure your designs look as good as they feel
  • Highly efficient G and U-value glazing to ensure both heat and solar radiation are insulated.

Why choose our thermally insulated glass?

  • To ensure your interior spaces maintain a pleasant and consistent temperature
  • To experience the luxury of a Cantifix solution without any issues relating to overheating, or cold environments
  • To reduce the need for expensive heating costs, by using energy saving glass technology and the natural warmth of the sun to gently heat your property

Who is our thermally insulated glass for?

  • Architects and designers who need to consider and accommodate the interior climate of their projects
  • Homeowners looking for a practical and aesthetically stunning glass installation